Earth 23


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    Author: John Cook
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    Earth 23

    You traveled to Earth 23 and met Superman. With his help, you ousted the corrupt CEO of Sinai Industries, Donovan Michaels. His empire was built on theft, exploitation, and murder. You discovered that Sinai Tower was actually one of the Anti-Monitor's cosmic bombs. After evacuating the building, Velocitos threw it into the sun!  


    The Fly

      My name is Jason Troy, and I have a secret.   It all started a couple a weeks ago when Ms. Jennings was sick, and we had a substitute teacher for English class. He was a wierd guy. Looked kind of like the nutty professor(Lewis, not Murphy). Anyway, he gave us a creative writing assignment and said that the...

    Cold Snap

    I'm Calvin O'Connell (Yeah family name just call me Cal). I just started my junior year at Faulkner Heights High it's not all bad it has it's usual jocks, goths, and preppies,But it also has my best friends Brad Harker moved here my first year in middle school we've been inseperable since i pulled  Jack Jehnzen off him his first...


    65 million years ago a lone velociraptor was walking the plains when he saw a brigh flash of light and heard a woman's voice saying "Come." In an instant he was taken to a cave filled with a massive tree and the voice returned, "Creature, you have been chosen as my protector. I am The Green and I have spared...