A Wonder Woman of the Multiverse


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    Author: Tolly Gipson
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    A Wonder Woman of the Multiverse

    While you were brought to the Monarch's ship in the Bleed against your will, you didn't play his game by his rules. You are a true Wonder Woman, for many reasons.

     As a team of three you were able to inspire the other heroes on the ship. You also were able to find a mysterious giant gem in a room in the ship that seems to give off a very large amount of power, possibly enough to power the device being built by the heroes, making it possible to power it without one of the quantum powered heroes putting themselves in danger.

     You also were able to track and find a room where automated drones were taking the bodies of those thought dead. What you found was a room filled with stasis tubes, and nanites repairing the heroes inside the tubes. You were forced to fight your sisters, but even then, you didn't play by the Monarch's rules.

    You are an independant woman of power, you are a Wonder Woman of the Multiverse!


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