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    Author: Mike Muldoon
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  • Beauty015
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    A second-sub-basement journalist and writer trying to go up in the world. I do book reviews here: I once lit myself on fire intentionally. I smoke Ecstasy Reds, drink rum, and fill my lighter during thunderstorms. I'm paranoid about saying the wrong thing to everybody, possibly because I do so on a semi-regular basis.    What do you like...
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    Ready to enjoy some epic rpg action
  • Irven 001
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    I'm an author, RPGer, board gamer, miniatures wargamer, procrastinator and secret superhero. I like many types of RPG games and I'm always looking for a game that I think will be fun to run or play in! I've just started attending gaming conventions and have even GMd a few games at cons! For most of my gaming life I've been...
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  • Zcap1
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    Married with children totaling one, stay at home dad, and home school teacher. AD&D ("I beat Dungeons & Dragons...and it was advanced!") was my first RPG system back in the day, and it was largely a family affair that I have fond memories of; getting back to that place is probably why I invest so much time in them as...
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    My name is Shaun Hayworth. I'm the host of the podcast This Modern Death, and my tastes run toward the indie-side of gaming. My game of choice is Burning Wheel, but I'll play just about anything once. Maybe twice.
  • Bug 100
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  • Dj m4rc3l0pic
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    Marcelo A. Figueroa is one of few individuals who have participated in every tier of the table top games industry, first as a consumer, then in Retail (All Star Games), in Distribution (ACD Distribution), as a Journalist (Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer Magazine, Shadis Magazine, Games Quarterly Magazine), and Publishing (Alderac Entertainment Group, Avalanche Press, Playroom Entertainment, Dan Verssen Games). And somewhere...
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  • Labyrinth
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    Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
  • Kane8
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  • Us35001
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    I have been gaming for about 23 years and I have run and Game Mastered many different games. I can run many different games but prefer to to play since I have game mastered so much. Games I know: All Flesh Must be Eaten Serenity Savage Worlds D&D 3.5 D&D 4e Barbarians Of Lemuria   Feel free to contact me...
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  • Custom me at burn
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    Hey there! My name is Matthew Grau and, among other things, I am the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of Infrno! What does that mean? That means it's my job to make sure that you are getting the experience you want when you use Infrno, in all regards. So if you think something should be here that isn't or something...
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  • Pic
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  • Custom 1007061301 l
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    Gamer and freelance illustrator & graphic designer. Available for commissions. Known online as Tensen01. Gallery: FAVORITE TABLETOP RPGS: 3:16 AD&D 2e D&D 4e Dark Heresy HARP GURPS Mouse Guard L5R Technoir Fiasco Atomic Highway
  • Bug 100
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  • 100219 chagoblin
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    I'm a gamer, reporter, and designer, and generally pretty excited about games. I'm a big fan of PDQ, Smallville, and Nobilis, but I'll play practically anything, since having fun is fun! Check out my website at for daily RPG and board game news updates!
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  • Shirley temple12
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  • Av1
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    Designer. Gamer. Nerd.  Infrno Mod/Pixel Slayer & #VegasTech Afficianado.  And screw you guys, Elves are awesome.  <3 -- STR:7 INT:13 WIS:14 DEX:12 CON:11 CHR:18   Get your AD&D stats. ;P
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  • Bug 100
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  • Bug 100
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    I'm from Seattle, USA but living in Japan. I'm usually the GM but want to play more, try something new, and improve my GMing ability. I have mostly played 4th ed DnD but am finding I prefer lighter systems. I am always open to advice, so would love to hear what you have learned about RPing (or anything). I don't...
  • Custom merlin05
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    I'm not very comfortable with talking about myself. Maybe I'll fill this in later, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Games are primarily a means of expression.
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  • Theblackness
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