True Love Never Dies...


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    Author: Bry
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    True Love Never Dies...

    Love? Love... Above all things I believe in love!
    Love is like oxygen. Love is a many-splendored thing,
    love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love!

    - Christian in The Moulin Rouge

    Your monsterheart found true love. This is no small feat, and only happens in the best games. Thanks for playing and bringing the "heart" to Monsterhearts, the roleplaying game about the messy lives of teenage monsters. 


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  • Bell  book and candle 1 by tatmank1
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    I'm a big fan of story-oriented, mechanically light games. (It may come as no surprise to hear that I am into the indie scene and prefer story games to more traditional RPGs.) I especially enjoy Apocalypse World and its hacks- Monsterhearts and Monster of the Week are the stand-outs to me. It's always fun to meet new people and try...
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  • Beauty015
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    A second-sub-basement journalist and writer trying to go up in the world. I do book reviews here: I once lit myself on fire intentionally. I smoke Ecstasy Reds, drink rum, and fill my lighter during thunderstorms. I'm paranoid about saying the wrong thing to everybody, possibly because I do so on a semi-regular basis.    What do you like...
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  • Pinkie pie sneezing confetti animated for avatar by maxtervamp d4xt29j
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    Hey there! I just noticed that this section was blank and made my profile look rather sad. That being said, here's a bunch of stuff about me! The Backstory: Unlike many people I've met, I was not led to the Holy d20 by an evangelist of the hobby. I discovered roleplaying all on my lonesome in a most peculiar way....
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  • Cropped%20ef 052
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    Hi.  I am a bay area gamer and like story/indie games mostly.  A fan of Apocolypse World and most hacks.  Like soap opera and mild horror elements in my games.    
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  • Smiling%20corpse
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    I like roleplaying games.
  • Tumblr inline nxxxzfb2ji1t0ijhl 500
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    Jonathan Siregar is a gamer for many ages, and has spend too much money on games as it is.  Currently living in Brooklyn, looking for games, and reading books of RPGs he'll probably never play again.   Current favorites are Savage Worlds, Spirit of the Century, and BASH Basic Action Super Heroes. Looking to play the new DC Universe Adventure...
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  • Moriko b&w
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    I played D&D, Champions, and WoD for years. Now I'm into darker and/or more narrative games like Fate, DRYH, and Apocalypse World. Love me some Savage Worlds, too. In other news, I'm into fantasy, science fiction, skepticism and heavy metal music.   I actually got to play in a Con rpg and it was Bry Hitchcock's  Deadwood Deadlands Reloaded game...
  • Dragon%20princess
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  • Aventurine%204
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    I'm a 30 something lady, who is interested in many things including music, asian ball jointed dolls (BJD's), super heroes and villains, literature, movies, and last but definitely not least RPGs :) Also, I tend to have an academic approach to all of my hobbies, because I'm a through and through academic.   My nick name, Twilight Dream, is a...
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    I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!  
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    I hate roleplaying games.

    Haley Jenkins

    Scarlett%20kapella 290x320
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    Player: Bry
  • HALEY JENKINS The Mortal Age/Look: 16, beautiful with sad eyes, new kid in town Hot +3 Cold -1 Volatile -1 Dark +1 Lover: Damian Wilson Moves: True Love Sympathy is my Weapon Down the Rabbbit Hole Entrenched Addictive Inescapable Mess With Me, Mess With Him

    Damian Wilson

    Damian 1in
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    Player: Charles
  • The Werewolf Hot:-1 Cold:0 Volatile:1 Dark:1 Look: Distant, Burning Eyes Origin: Awoken Moves: Soul Debt, Dark Recruiter, Hightened Senses, Primal Dominance Bargains:Uncanny Voices, Strings Attached, The Power Flows Through You, Numbing It Out, Elsewise Power

    Lysander Claiborne, The Wyrm

    Darkest Self You've become too heady, too lax, too vague. You need to dominate one of the people-things that you treasure, let it know that it's yours, that it doesn't get to choose who owns it – you do. You escape your Darkest Self when your treasured thing proves that you don't own it entirely, or when you see the...

    Lilian Jade The Succubus

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    Player: Twilight Dream
  • Darkest Self Enter darkest self when you have five active Demonic Powers. Anyone who denies you must be brought to heel. You take power wherever and whenever you want. Social values and morals mean nothing to you. The lives of others mean less than nothing. After all, you aren’t even human.You escape your darkest self when you expend all your...

    Ariel Elysee

    ARIEL ELYSEEThe Unicorn Age/Look: 17, trick of the light Origin: our last hope People Should Never: Eat Meat,  Hot +1,  Cold -1,  Volatile +1,  Dark -1 Integrity =0 Moves: With Integrity, Speak from the Heart, Lesser Beasts


    Vicki Wood - Skin - VampireLook:  Smoldering, lusty eyesOrigin:  old by human terms (120 ish)Hot:       2Cold:      1Volatile: -1Dark:     -1Conditions:Irritated, Drained  Moves:  Hypnotic, Invited, The Feeding, Marked for the Hunt

    Mellisande Gable

    MELLISANDE GABLELook: Smoldering eyes, quiet intensity Origin: Born VampireHOT:  1**COLD:  2VOLATILE: -1 DARK:  -1**Conditions: CaptivatedMoves: Hypnotic, Cold As Ice, The FeedingNPCs:Helene - best friendMark - (Not) so secret crush +1Joshua - Father Nadia - Mother +1 stringXP: x  STRINGSCyrus - 2 (beauty, Caught him rifling thru friend's stuff)Suli - 2 (beauty, treasure) Lucca -1 (beauty)   Last Updated: 2/7/14

    Sulikho Gelovani, The Wyrm

    Suli beautiful wyrm
    Name: Sulikho Gelovani Look: quiet with unblinking eyes Origin: in the blood Stats: Hot 1, Cold 2, Volatile 1, Dark 3 Darkest Self You've become too heady, too lax, too vague. You need to dominate one of the people-things that you treasure, let it know that it's yours, that it doesn't get to choose who owns it – you do....

    Monsterhearts: Field Trip!

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  • System: Monsterhearts
  • Last update: Thu, Aug 29, 2013
  • Day: Sun, Sep 01, 2013
  • Time: 02:00AM UTC
  • Length: 4
  • You are going on a field trip! You are all students from the same high school who have been selected for one of three reasons: you parents paid your way, you were a straight A student and won the right to come along, or you are decent student of limited means and your trips was financed via a government intervention (Make a Wish?). You decide!  Whatever-the-case you are going to be heading to a new and facinating place and staying three nights in a fairly nice hotel. Think of the possibilities! Maybe, this is a chance to climb out of...