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Forbidden Love


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    Author: Bry
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    Forbidden Love

    Granted to Monsterhearts players who involve their young monsters in taboo romantic entanglements where passion triumphs over community standards.

    Without Beauty's love, the Beast can never become Human.

    Keep on shagging!


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  • Bell  book and candle 1 by tatmank1
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    I'm a big fan of story-oriented, mechanically light games. (It may come as no surprise to hear that I am into the indie scene and prefer story games to more traditional RPGs.) I especially enjoy Apocalypse World and its hacks- Monsterhearts and Monster of the Week are the stand-outs to me. It's always fun to meet new people and try...
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  • Moriko b&w
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    I played D&D, Champions, and WoD for years. Now I'm into darker and/or more narrative games like Fate, DRYH, and Apocalypse World. Love me some Savage Worlds, too. In other news, I'm into fantasy, science fiction, skepticism and heavy metal music.   I actually got to play in a Con rpg and it was Bry Hitchcock's  Deadwood Deadlands Reloaded game...
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    I hate roleplaying games.
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  • Smiling%20corpse
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  • Cropped%20ef 052
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    Hi.  I am a bay area gamer and like story/indie games mostly.  A fan of Apocolypse World and most hacks.  Like soap opera and mild horror elements in my games.    
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  • 4668f52c5d04ee89d852760503b8fbb8
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    I like roleplaying games.
  • Bug 100
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    38, work in IT. Enjoy most RPG's, many MMOs, tabletop miniatures, and SCA armoured combat. Games that I have played: D&D 1st/2nd/3.5, Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun (only a couple of sessions), Rolemaster, MERP, Marvel RPG (FASERIP), Champions 4th and 5th, Heroes Unlimited, Vampire: Masquerade, Palladium Fantasy, Battletech, Mechwarrior 1st/2nd/3rd, Dark Conspiracy, d20 Modern, GURPS, Star Wars (WEG d6), Rifts, Dresden Files,...
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  • Bug 100
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    Hello there!

    Haley Jenkins

    Scarlett%20kapella 290x320
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    Player: Bry
  • HALEY JENKINS The Mortal Age/Look: 16, beautiful with sad eyes, new kid in town Hot +3 Cold -1 Volatile -1 Dark +1 Lover: Damian Wilson Moves: True Love Sympathy is my Weapon Down the Rabbbit Hole Entrenched Addictive Inescapable Mess With Me, Mess With Him

    Damian Wilson

    Damian 1in
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    Player: Charles
  • The Werewolf Hot:-1 Cold:0 Volatile:1 Dark:1 Look: Distant, Burning Eyes Origin: Awoken Moves: Soul Debt, Dark Recruiter, Hightened Senses, Primal Dominance Bargains:Uncanny Voices, Strings Attached, The Power Flows Through You, Numbing It Out, Elsewise Power