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    Author: Charles
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    Creature Feature

    You braved some of the darkest things Clearwater had to offer. You managed to get through some tough spots and perhaps even got the guy/girl/thing.

    Thanks for playing Monsterhearts: Substitute Creature!


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    Jonathan Siregar is a gamer for many ages, and has spend too much money on games as it is.  Currently living in Brooklyn, looking for games, and reading books of RPGs he'll probably never play again.   Current favorites are Savage Worlds, Spirit of the Century, and BASH Basic Action Super Heroes. Looking to play the new DC Universe Adventure...
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  • Moriko b&w
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    I played D&D, Champions, and WoD for years. Now I'm into darker and/or more narrative games like Fate, DRYH, and Apocalypse World. Love me some Savage Worlds, too. In other news, I'm into fantasy, science fiction, skepticism and heavy metal music.   I actually got to play in a Con rpg and it was Bry Hitchcock's  Deadwood Deadlands Reloaded game...
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    Hi.  I am a bay area gamer and like story/indie games mostly.  A fan of Apocolypse World and most hacks.  Like soap opera and mild horror elements in my games.    
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    Play all the games? PLAY ALL THE GAMES.   I am playing too many games.
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    Long-time gamer from the Middle Georgia area here. I've gotten to play quite a few different systems over the years, largely due to conventions, and am interested in a rather eclectic selection of games. You can see the games I'm interested in here: http://nearbygamers.com/gamers/GeekEclectic I enjoy the occasional one-shot, but I'm really looking to join an ongoing campaign. My schedule...
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    HI My name is miku mendoza, im new to RPG table top gaming but so far i tried vampire the requiem, bits of pathfinder and monster of the week and liked them all, so im opened minded into trying all differents forms of RPGs.    But more myself as a person my interest includes anime, reading mangas, playing video games, doing...
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