A glorious death


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    Author: Shannon Mac
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    A glorious death

    You died gloriously during "The Summer Leaf Tournament". Even if you did not die

    gloriously we will give you this achievement to soften the blow.


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    I wound up DMing for my high school buddies after being introduced to D&D by my older brother.  We mainly created dungeon crawls and we used D&D and Arduin Grimore.  While in high school, I started my own dice company -- now defunct.  After college, I stopped playing.  Years later, I played in a LARP and found a new world...
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    I like roleplaying games.
  • Shark%20picture%20from%20work
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    I play whatever's being run at the time, and I don't dislike anything until I've been scathed in blood one too many times.
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