I Survived the Contest of Champions


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    Author: Tolly Gipson
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    I Survived the Contest of Champions

    I participated in an insane Marvel Heroic RP one shot, called Contest of Champions. It was a game with 8 players(what say what?!?). We fought on teams against other heroes to find glowing green orbs of life, as part of a contest between two cosmic beings. Somehow both your character, and you, the player, survived this madness.


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    Table top playin, super suit wearing, Infantry marine.
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    Total superhero nerd
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    I never really know what to put here. I guess I will start with gaming history, seeing that's what we're all here for. I started out playing AD&D 2nd edition with an older friend and a couple buds when I was 15. We'd go over and wait until late at night to start because back when I started AD&D was...
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    I'm an experienced tabletop gamer and fans of all things comic book but new to online tabletops. I'm looking to join a role-play and narrative intensive online superhero game. Google+ account: knightofoingo   
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    My name is John and I am a Librarian living in Columbus, Ohio. My favorite game is Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition. 
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    I've been gaming since 5th grade, which is a long time ago now. Roleplaying is as much of a creative outlet for me as it is a social event, so I lean toward games which focus on story and character. I'm not particularly attached to systems so much as genres or settings, but I like to think I'm also fairly...