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    Author: Jeanette K
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    The Judas Achievement

    "You liar! You Judas!"

    Inter-party conflict can add some much needed spice to any game. However, some characters outright betray their friends and allies to the wolves. Though your mind may be clearer now and you think you may see where we all soon will be, you kissed cheeks and collected your twenty silver pieces. You can claim that you only did it for their good, but so far as Dante and your betrayed allies are concerned, you should be in Satan's mouth and chewed for all eternity.

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  • Moriko b&w
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    I played D&D, Champions, and WoD for years. Now I'm into darker and/or more narrative games like Fate, DRYH, and Apocalypse World. Love me some Savage Worlds, too. In other news, I'm into fantasy, science fiction, skepticism and heavy metal music.   I actually got to play in a Con rpg and it was Bry Hitchcock's  Deadwood Deadlands Reloaded game...
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  • Bell  book and candle 1 by tatmank1
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    I'm a big fan of story-oriented, mechanically light games. (It may come as no surprise to hear that I am into the indie scene and prefer story games to more traditional RPGs.) I especially enjoy Apocalypse World and its hacks- Monsterhearts and Monster of the Week are the stand-outs to me. It's always fun to meet new people and try...