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    Author: Jeanette K
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    "Grant them eternal rest, Lord, and let perpetual light shine on them as with your saints in eternity."

    The last notes of the Requiem ring out over the city as smoke raises into the sky. Many mysteries remain in the Research Triangle, each tangled up with another in an infinite web with many spiders still spinning. However, you have survived the true test of your existence as an eternal creature of the night. You brushed with the evil Covenants that make up the All Night Society, negotiated peace with Lost and twisted individuals who wanted revenge for your misdeeds, and most importantly of all, you've outgrown the will and desires of those who brought you into this nightmare... For the time being. You are not a hero, but you are a survivor. Keep this up, and an eternity of lust, power, and intrigue are yours. For now, though, rest easy. You've earned it.

    Thank you for playing through Vampire the Requiem: Lost and Found! Your Storyteller loves you to pieces.


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  • Moriko b&w
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    I played D&D, Champions, and WoD for years. Now I'm into darker and/or more narrative games like Fate, DRYH, and Apocalypse World. Love me some Savage Worlds, too. In other news, I'm into fantasy, science fiction, skepticism and heavy metal music.   I actually got to play in a Con rpg and it was Bry Hitchcock's  Deadwood Deadlands Reloaded game...
  • I%20could%20watch%20this%20for%20hours
    • Flint
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    I've been gaming for a long time and played a large assortment of games. Currently I am into games like AW, MH, and games using the FATE system. Still, I also enjoy games like Dark Heresy, WW Games, Deadlands, SW, and Superhero themed games. I dislike elves because they break too easy.   What? This donkey? I am just making...
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  • Bell  book and candle 1 by tatmank1
    • Seattle
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    I'm a big fan of story-oriented, mechanically light games. (It may come as no surprise to hear that I am into the indie scene and prefer story games to more traditional RPGs.) I especially enjoy Apocalypse World and its hacks- Monsterhearts and Monster of the Week are the stand-outs to me. It's always fun to meet new people and try...
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  • Olivia posed
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    I enjoy humor, danger, intrigue, sexiness, horror, action, drama, silliness and seriousness along with elements of philosophy (and more) in all sorts of combinations. I'm very happy to immerse myself into characters as appropriate to the game and event. In my personal preferences, I lean toward deeper story-driven games with challenges, action and obstacles to overcome; but if its a hack...
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  • Bug 100
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    Hello there!