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    Author: Mike Muldoon
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    Gamer and freelance illustrator & graphic designer. Available for commissions. Known online as Tensen01. Gallery: FAVORITE TABLETOP RPGS: 3:16 AD&D 2e D&D 4e Dark Heresy HARP GURPS Mouse Guard L5R Technoir Fiasco Atomic Highway
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  • Fancy man
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    Hey, I'm a gamer getting into cyberpunk rpgs. Been playing for several years now, though I've only just started branching out from D&D. Contact me if you need a guy for your Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020, etc.; I'll most likely be into it.
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  • Beauty015
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    A second-sub-basement journalist and writer trying to go up in the world. I do book reviews here: I once lit myself on fire intentionally. I smoke Ecstasy Reds, drink rum, and fill my lighter during thunderstorms. I'm paranoid about saying the wrong thing to everybody, possibly because I do so on a semi-regular basis.    What do you like...
  • Gameful
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    I do the Dice + Food + Lodging podcast, and as many other creative ventures as I can manage. I ran an event called Adventure Week this last summer which brought teams together to create publishable adventures within the timeframe of one week. I generally run games as opposed to playing in them, but I love playing too. I'm all hot...
  • Bug 100
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    I'm fairly new to gaming, only been playing the last 4 years or so. Mostly I've played OWoD, Exalted, Shadowrun (using bits and pieces from the first 3 editions), RIFTS (very little). I've also played a little bit of Fiasco, Shab al-hiri Roach, Marvel Universe RPG... and probably a dozen or so others I can't think of off hand. I've...
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  • Doggy gif
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    Play all the games? PLAY ALL THE GAMES.   I am playing too many games.
  • Zombie
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    Hey, I am a 23 year old gamer guy in Greenwood, Indiana. I enjoy anime, PC games, RPG's, you know, the usual geeky stuff. I play Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, Call of Cthulhu, D20 Modern, Mutants and Masterminds, Star Wars (D20), Director's Cut, Zombies!!!, Fluxx, and tons of other board games. I would like to get into 4th Edition D&D, GURPS,...
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    I never really know what to put here. I guess I will start with gaming history, seeing that's what we're all here for. I started out playing AD&D 2nd edition with an older friend and a couple buds when I was 15. We'd go over and wait until late at night to start because back when I started AD&D was...
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  • Hedgehog%20vampire
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    I've been gaming since 5th grade, which is a long time ago now. Roleplaying is as much of a creative outlet for me as it is a social event, so I lean toward games which focus on story and character. I'm not particularly attached to systems so much as genres or settings, but I like to think I'm also fairly...
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  • Dsc00972
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    Hiya all.  I'm 33 and I've been roleplaying and GMing since i was 15. I've played or run just about all the major games, from DnD to White Wolf, L5R and Shadowrun to name a few. At the moment I've moved away from DnD (3rd edd was getting tired and 4th went a direction i didn't want to follow) and...
  • Gencon
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    Game player, bass player, and lead singer for Slod.  Over the last few years my group has made an effort to play as many different systems as we can.  After a good GenCon experience, we are jumping back to 3.5 with Pathfinder (where I play a 1/2 Elf Bard... and love it).
  • Shirley temple12
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  • Darkrin4
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    I am 40 have been playing D&D since the late 80s though very sporadically. I like online and paper games.  I like hard rock country and many other styles of music. I work on computers for a living.  Not currently playing or running anything
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    Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
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  • Av1
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    Designer. Gamer. Nerd.  Infrno Mod/Pixel Slayer & #VegasTech Afficianado.  And screw you guys, Elves are awesome.  <3 -- STR:7 INT:13 WIS:14 DEX:12 CON:11 CHR:18   Get your AD&D stats. ;P
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  • Custom me at burn
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    Hey there! My name is Matthew Grau and, among other things, I am the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of Infrno! What does that mean? That means it's my job to make sure that you are getting the experience you want when you use Infrno, in all regards. So if you think something should be here that isn't or something...
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    Ready to enjoy some epic rpg action