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  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Dwalf


  • Current profession: Trader

Durgoth Derlahn : Character profile

About me

Noble born into the remnants of a Dwarven clan that still resided on the surface; he took instruction as a Noble Ardent, where he learned the ways of his people. Being an active person by nature, he turned from scholarship and took up the Ax, to defend his people’s waning interests on the surface.  As a Dwarven Ax man, he traveled and was faced with many combat situations, where he learnt the advantage of a cohesive group.  Following his natural Dwarven inclination to accumulate wealth, he became a Guilder.  Initially as a Journey man, he started selling his wares until he progressed to being a full trader.  Over the years, the surface, bathed in the glorious light of Raa became his home.  He began to turn away from natural Dwarven inclinations to delve and the thought of committing his life to the caverns became unserviceable.  He committed himself to his God.  Kordaver’s relationship with Set is a moral abomination in his mind and the people of his land should not be led by such an unworthy God.  Durgoth began to develop strategies to undermine Kordaver and Set.  He developed relationships with local pirates.  From these pirates, he specifically purchased goods stolen from both Kordaver and Set. Durgoth is a pragmatic, happy go-lucky individual with a smile never far from his lips.  Amongst companions, he is warm, cheerful and forever the peace keeper.  Durgoth believes that the love of his god is best kept descrete in certain company, no need to unnecessarily ruffle feathers.  Durgoth achieves a lot with an amiable smile but on rare occasions finds that the boisterous Dwarf in him is the right character for the job…a pragmatist.  Durgoth has a small property where his housekeeper Baji of 45 years, has since become his partner.


Lifepaths: Born Noble, Noble Ardent, Ax bearer, Lead to Guilder, Hawker, Journey man, Trader