Profile details

Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Skin color: Lightly Tanned
  • Age: 28
  • Height : 6'1"
  • Weight: 225
  • Eye color: Grey
  • Hair color & style: Light brown, shoulder length
  • Fashion sense: Long sleeved thermal shirts, blue jeans, brown leather motorcycle boots & duster
  • Current residence: San Antonio, TX


  • Current profession: Investigative Journalist for the South-Western Arcane (Tabloid Rag)
  • Current class: Wizard
  • Level: Submerged (Refresh: 10)

Spencer Winfield : Character profile

About me

High Concept Aspect: "Word Slingin' Wizard"

Spencer works as a roving reporter for the Southwestern Arcane, based out of San Antonio, is a tabloid rag that reports on the paranormal. Through the extensive contacts the paper has, he's sent all over the Southwest to look into stories of the supernatural. He uses his own knowledge of the supernatural to decide what should be printed and what's better left from the general public.

Trouble Aspect: "Do you accept checks?"

In today's day and age, people traveling rely on credit/debit cards. Technology and wizards mixing about as well as handguns and hard liquor, this often makes Spencer's life interesting on the road. In an emergency cash can quickly run out and while he can call on his "expense account" from the Arcane, checks aren't accepted everywhere and you can't always find a Western Union.

Background Aspect: "Grandfather's Indian 841"

The motorcycle that Spence uses as his soul means of transportation, entrusted to him by his Grandfather after having lived his entire young life on his grandfather's farm. He thinks of the bike as a reminder of home and the great man that taught him not only how to use magic, but how it should be used.

Rising Conflict Aspect: "A Nose for News"

It seems that everywhere Spencer goes he finds himself put into touch with the supernatural, whether this is due to his skills as an investigative journalist and the skilled staff at the paper or that trouble just seems to follow him is up to debate. It has proven helpful in building a name for himself not only in the paranormal community, but also in the journalism industry.

Your First Adventure: 

While doing a story on the increasing popularity of "Paranormal Reality Shows," Spencer meets up with the T.A.P.S. crew on the site of one of their investigations, along with "Guest Investigator" Don 'The Ogre' Hamm of UFC Fame and a psychic named Hari Madden. After the interviews are concluded and he's shown the tools they work with (he kept his distance), Spencer is invited to stay on for the evening and assist with the investigation. Strange things occur throughout the night, culminating in an attack on the crew by an embodied spirit. In the ensuing fight, the crew's evidence was "accidentally" destroyed when Spencer called on his magic to aid their survival, eventually leading to Spencer riding his bike at top speed through the corridors of the massive building with an enraged spiritual entity hot on his heels.

Adventure Name: "DUDE, RUN!"

Whose Story Was It / Who Else Was In It: "The Ghost Hunters" T.A.P.S. (The Atlanta Paranormal Society), Hari Madden and Don "The Ogre" Hamm

Aspect: "Like a bat outta hell"

Whose Path Have You Crossed (Guest Star): 

In the course of writing a story on Mexico City's earthquakes uncovering Teotihuacán Ruins, Spencer decides to take a look at the supposedly haunted tourist location of "La Isla De Las Munecas" (The Island of Lost Dolls). Upon arriving, he's surprised to find Joshua Gates and the crew of Destination Truth as they're setting up for an overnight stay on the island. After a bit of conversation, Spencer is surprised (and pleased) to find out that Joshua reads his articles in the Southwestern Arcane and is asked if he'll lend his experience to the investigation. As the crew goes about recording their experience on the island Spencer learns that while the island is not haunted, it is considered the territory of a nasty water-fae. Throughout the night, Spencer makes his way around the island setting up ward in order to protect himself and the crew from the creature, all the while attempting to hide his actions and intentions. Upon comparing notes in the morning, Spencer allows the crew to go on believing the island to be haunted... and doesn't let on how he had to use a few of the dolls in his warding spell. Thankfully his actions kept him off the cameras.

Adventure Name: "Destination Truth-ish"

Whose Story Was It / Who Else Was In It: Joshua Gates and the Destination Truth Crew.

Aspect: "I've seen some unexplainable things and I've done some things I can't explain"


Who Else's Path Have You Crossed (Guest Star Redux):

Working on a tip from a local parishner, Spencer begins investigating a series of killings in San Antonio believed to be targeting the Supernatural Community surrounding a local cathedral. During the course of the investigation, U.S. Marshal JoAnn McMorgan actually labels Spencer a suspect and detains him, until she's attacked by the true killer and has to call on Spencer for aid.

Adventure Name: "Fun Times at the Confessional"

Whose Story Was It / Who Else Was In It: Father Jack T. Shaw, JoAnn McMorgan, Don 'The Ogre' Hamm

Aspect: "Not in my town!"