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Personal details

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Gurhal
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Alignment/ethics: Highly ethical can't stand to see someone in pain.
  • Skin color: White
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: 06/15/1973
  • Astrological sign: Gemini
  • Height : 5'6'
  • Weight: 250
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color & style: Dark brown, ponytail or down
  • Fashion sense: Rural
  • Flaw: Lethargic during the winter
  • Flaw: Curious
  • Place of birth: Nevada
  • Current residence: Norway (soon tokyo!)
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Goal: Cleanse Gaia
  • Weapon of choice: Wrestling

About me

Description: This heavyset girl has turned more muscular. Still holding a lot of weight to her form she has turned from misshaped to down-right disgusting. Due to the state in the world she rarely gets showers or clean clothes giving them to her family instead unless they force her to take care of her human side. She usually wears a plad long sleeved shirt, and jeans with holes in them and occult like marker stains. She also wears some worn down Tennis shoes that seems like they can fall apart at any minute. She carries a backpack with her with extra supplies someone might need for any occasion same marker stain at the bottom left. It was the Jean backpack. Usually she carries a Machette at her hip.

Atheren: She grows to be about 8 feet tall. Her hair grows white and she grows black fingernails. behind her lips are sharp teeth not unlike a dogs. And her Jaw grows more stout. She seems to peer more in this form as well as sniff. Her clothes buldge with her when she changes to this form.

Crinos: Her hair grows completely white and her eyes black she grows to be 15 feet tall White fur covers her body and her head is short and stout better to avoid blows. Her arms lengthen and her claws become about a foot in length. Her teeth are also large and sharp in this form. and this form is more human than ursine in stature. Easier to climb in for this icecap polar bear.

Bjornen: Standing 12 feet tall, this bear usually walks on it's four feet and looks like a large cave bear. The claws retract to about a half foot in length. And her fur is raggy on her back allowing better protection and absorbtion than a normal bear.

Ursine: It's a polar bear, about 10 feet tall when she stands. Otherwise she usually looks like a calm bear. Though she might be very attentive if there were seal meat around.


Born in Rural Nevada, she was raised by a family whom loved her. She was a straight B student save her mother worked a bunch being a nurse and her father separated from her mother when she was around three years of age. She grew around a stepfather who emotionally abused her throwing manipulative weight around to get to the height of power in the house and undermine her self esteem. She couldn’t do anything about it but hide in her room and remain repressed especially with the way kids treated her in school. Constantly teasing her except for the few teachers who stood up for her. Very few times when she was about to get into trouble with a kid trying to fight her, being a large girl all she had to do is remind the kid that she would “sit on him” and he’d back down. Squaring her shoulders to do so and staring into his eyes usually did the trick. Otherwise usually people left her alone, though the first real connection to a friend after her best friend left was to her art teacher who tried to teach her everything she knew. She knew by the time she moved all about color schemes and balancing art. She also went as far as winning some art awards in school. She did best in able to copy figures and also make visions from her head appear on paper. When she was a child even though she was heavy set it wasn’t from sitting around. It was from eating the wrong foods and having a physical condition that slowed down her metabolism and made her monthly cycle more of a punishment than most women can endure. She did work to improve her art of the sword by herself and with her acquaintances despite this setback, She was able to move very dexterously and defeat most opponents especially if she had a long enough weapon. She was also able to sneak attack very well in these games. In school she learned a few survival tools that stuck such as boiling water, Finding the north star, and eating pine nuts in order to survive. That may work well in Nevada but not so well in Detroit. She also knew how to ward off bears and rattlesnakes. She grew up in a ranch house so she knew how to feed horses how to walk them. And how to train dogs, and care for cats and fish as well.  She never learned about the pack mentality of dogs yet because of her introverted nature.

Usually for fun she stayed at home and played video games, watched movies and read books. When she felt the urge to she drew off of the movies she watched and that lightened her heart. When she turned 14 her mother came down with cancer and after a battle and an early lisence gained her mother died from it spreading to the spine, a year later. Only a few months passed before her stepfather started dating his ex wife. She was manic depressive and due to her nature and his overbearing one they got into a fight in which he ended up breaking a window in a car. She called her father in Detroit scared after this and he brought an end to it by getting her a ticket for her and her belongings to get to Detroit. Her father was working as a cop up there in the suburbs but he didn’t have enough money in paying off debt but to live in the bad part of town. Moving in there she had to leave her friends and her life. She became more interverted and started to draw more disturbing imagery to get rid of her angst. Her father was always too busy putting food on the table to take note, as her health was slowly getting worse and her grades were declining because of her depression from her mother’s death and having to move away from home she lived at for 15 years. Now she just turned 17 and is entering school. Her father has given her a healthy air of parinioa, and has taught her a couple moves to defend herself from anyone who tries to bother her.

Her friends influence got her into practicing some minor witchcraft. And since she felt it fit her better than roman catholisism and her mother was dead she went with that line of thought. She keeps it as secret as her mother being dead. Knowing that being a witch would make a negative mark on her status.

She felt something was wrong in the pit of her stomach one night she had a bad dream and she couldn't sleep she told her father she was sick and stayed home. Then the volcano exploded later that evening. That is when a few rabbling vampires broke into her house and tried to take her and her dad as hostage. Finally the burning broiling rage within her went to a peak and she had her first change. destroying the vampires her dad ducking out of the way and running to the basement locking the door. Once the carnage was done she collapsed and her father took her away from detroit.

Her father took her to a place secluded and not in the United states. He went north to Anchorage alaska knowing there were bears there that could help her. She was set with a buri jan, an eskimo who spent most of his time in his tent making icicle art pieces. She learned most of the information she needed in being gurahl from him. Gifting him with some of her art pieces from school. She told him what happened so he could explore through her stories. He taught her rites to cleanse on her journey. And since she wanted to explore he arranged transport for her and her father to Wales.

On the way there she caught sight of a kid in her school she talked to a couple times and a psychotic mage stalking her. Before he could strike her she pinned him face down binding up his hands and throwing away the knife in Arthren Form. After that they talked for a bit and exchanged numbers because she wanted to be in touch. She was still human as far as she knew and wanted to make sure she was safe.

After some talking and training in norway, she worked on getting gifts. enough gifts to make her proficient in providing to her human companion and herself. Also to keep her human companion safe from any nasties out there. 6 years into it her father died of a heart attack. Left mourning she went exploring in the ice for a long while killing any creature that dared harm another person.

Finally she got a call out of nowhere oddly enough her cell phone still worked answering it she heard from the high school aquaintance raven. She got a calling to go to tokyo. And she was very curious for the first time in a long time. she wanted to go there. And so she packed up and bid good bye to her new family heading off towards tokyo.

Someone else would describe me as...

"She's queit and creepy man. I mean I saw her drawing this one time. It was of someone dying blood and everything. I was going to report her to the principal. She seems like one of those people that goes off half cocked you know? The one about to explode and kill everyone around her. Just if you want to live stay away from her."


"Why are you bothering her? Did you know if you were stuck with her in Alaska with nothing but your clothes she would take her shirt and give it to you because she is that kind of person. Now stop bugging her." ~Mr Montgomery Music teacher.

Character relationships

She was a quiet one in school turning down boys because she thought they were all meaning to make a cruel joke about her. She found more of a kinship with bears once she grew and now she understands why she feels about humans the way she does. She gets along easier with humans. She follows the totem side of the Death Bear