Prince of persia 2


  • Max Speed :
  • Cautious Speed :
  • Penalties :
  • Misc: :

Physical abilities

  • Lift :
  • Carry :
  • Push/Drag :
  • Jump :
  • Climb :
  • Swim :
  • Fly :
  • Other :

Character advancement

  • Artha: earned:
  • Artha: spent:
  • Artha: banked:


Denomination Value Amount
Resources 3
Fate 8
Persona 1
Deeds 1


  • Kelmain Shield (SQ: 4D)
  • Fine War Horse (JetWind)
  • Kelmain Armor (SQ: Chest 6D, 5D everywhere else)
  • Finery

Kalibar : Character sheet


Name Score Modifiers
Perception G2
Will B4
Agility B4
Speed B3
Forte B4
Power B8 +1 VA

Special attributes

Name Level
Health B5
Steel B4
Reflexes B4
Mortal Wound B12
Hesitation 6
Circles 2
Emotional Attribute N/A


Name Level Base Attr Misc Notes
Riding B4 Will Physical
Sword B6 Agility
Reading G2 Perception
Scribe B3 Agility
Dagger B4 Agility
Shield B2 Agility
Command B4 Will
Field Dressing G1 Perception
Intimidation B2 Will
Firebuilding B1 Perception
Poisons B2 Perception OB3 test
Instruction (learn) 1 out of 6 Will Social
Symbology (learn) 1 out of
Acting (learn) 1 out of 6 Perception


Name Type
Circles 2

Racial abilities

Human (Middle Eastern)

Special abilities

Name Effects Notes
Borrow I'm able to use an ability of anyone I encoutner Except Resources and Circle Stats.
Affinity to Swords +1D with Swords

Defenses and resistances

Name Rating Penalties
Superficial Wound 3 +1 Ob/2, -1D/3
Light Wound 5 -1D
Midi Wound 7 -2D
Severe Wound 9 -3D
Traumatic Wound 11 -4D
Mortal 12 Incapacitated


Name Dmg Rng Mods Effects
Scimitar of Mubarak I / M / S Long
Dagger I / M / S
Bolas I3/M6/S9 50 paces Power +1 On Mark hit gain free Lock attack at Power 2. On Superb hit, power 4.