Bug 290


  • Speed Multiplier : 3.5x

Character advancement

  • Artha earned: Fate: Persona: Deeds:
  • Artha spent: Fate: Persona: Deeds:
  • Artha banked:


Denomination Value Amount
Resources B4

Georgina d'Avery : Character sheet


Name Score
Perception B5
Will B6
Agility B4
Speed B4
Forte B4
Power B3
Circles B3

Special attributes

Name Level
Circles B3
Resources B4
Fate 2


Name Level
Accounting B3
Bureaucracy B3
Falsehood B4
History B3
Inconspicuous B4
Intimidation B5
Persuasion B5
Philosophy B3
Read B2
Research B4
Rhetoric B5
Rule of Law B6
Streetwise B2
Write B2
Hostile Takeover-wise B4
Informants-wise B4
Legal Loopholes-wise B5

Defenses and resistances

Name Rating Notes
Reflexes B4
Steel B5
Superficial Wound B3 +1 Ob/2, -1D/3
Light Wound B5 -1D
Midi Wound B6 -2D
Severe Wound B7 -3D
Traumatic Wound B8 -4D
Mortal Wound B9 Incapacitated
Hesitation B4
Health B6


Name Dmg
Weapon Name I / M / S