Bug 290

Profile details

Personal details

  • Gender: M
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment/ethics: CN
  • Age: mid-20's
  • Birthday: Yes
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color & style: Brown, shaggy
  • Fashion sense: Meh.
  • Relationship status: single, not looking actively
  • Weapon of choice: K-Bar, Magic


  • Current class: Sorcerer
  • Level: Up to your Waist

Az : Character profile


Where did you come from?

 "I can use this knife you know!" - Trained while growing up by former green beret Father, and became In The Know from Focused Practicioner mother.

What shaped you?

 "Mind like a sponge" - Immersed himself in learning all he could from both mundane and magical books and teachers.

What was your first adventure?

"Hello again, Trouble" - Helped stop a major battle betwixt a Fae Lady and a powerful Wizard. Mostly on accident. Like, 75%. Maybe more.

Whose paths have you crossed?


Who else's path have you crossed?