Quartus : Character profile

About me

Quartus is the local asset: a hermit mage living in her/his sanctum at the mountains close to Grenoble. (S)he looks way past 50 years old and has the eyes of someone who has seen everything, so by the looks (s)he could be one of the elders. However, (s)he experienced the Awakening at an exceptionally old age and doesn’t have that many years of life as a mage behind her/him.


Maybe because of the past as a professor of archeology, Quartus decided to join Mysterium and live as a hermit, researching ancient secrets of the lost worlds. (S)he walks the path of Thyrsus, meaning that her/his magic is related to life and sprits. As an exception to the rule, Quartus and Kvintus know each other beforehand: Kvintus was a student of Quartus, and they experienced the Awakening at the same time while doing excavations in northern Italy. They haven’t really been in touch since, and Quartus has lived isolated life in her/his sanctum in a small cave near Grenoble.