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Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Space Marine
  • Ethnicity: Baal
  • Skin color: Pale
  • Height : 2.3 m
  • Weight: 800 kg
  • Eye color: Black
  • Hair color & style: Long, straight, black, with widows peak
  • Place of birth: Baal
  • Weapon of choice: Modified Godwyn bolter with dipole mag-lock and chainsword melee


  • Current class: Blood Angel Librarian
  • Level: Rank 1

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About me

Deathwatch Space Marine special abilities:

Unnatural Strength & Toughness (x2): Double bonus for both Strength and Toughness, add 2 to degree of success on opposed char tests,, reduce Difficulty of related skill tests by one level

No Blood Loss, except from attacks with Warp Weapon quality

No penalties to Perception-based tests when awake for long periods of time

Omophagea: devour portion of an enemy to gain knowledge and skills

Reroll failed Toughness tests for drowning or asphyxiation, +30 to Toughness tests to resist effects of gases and reroll failures, breathe water

Voluntarily enter suspended animation by meditating 1d5 rounds, auto if knocked unconscious by Critical Damage

Reroll failed Toughness tests to resist poison & toxins, including Toxic attacks

Detect any poison or toxins by taste with Challenging (+0) Awareness test, or by smell with Hard (-20).  Gain +10 to Track opponent tasted.

Reroll failed Toughness tests caused by temperature extremes

Spit acid at foes (Range 3m, Damage 1d5, Penetration 4, Toxic), blinds if 3+ degrees of success, chew slowly through any nonliving substance

Opponents gain no bonus to hit him when in Astartes Power Armour despite Hulking size

Ambidextrous, no off hand

Proficient with ALL weapons except exotic weapons

Fire heavy weapons using semi-auto burst or full-auto burst without bracing, no penalty for failing to brace

+10 to any tests specifically involving sight or hearing

When taking All-Out Attack action, may spend Fate point before rolling dice to make his melee attacks for that round impossible to parry or dodge

Reroll failed Willpower tests to avoid or recover from Pinning

Ready pistol, basic, or 1-handed melee weapons as a Free Action

+10 to tests to resist effects of Psychic Powers

When suffering Critical Damage, halve result (rounding up)

Unarmed attacks do 1d10+Strength bonus in Impact Damage, no Primitive quality



Past Event: Scouring of Ultramar