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A member of the Ordo Chronos Zuriel is 107 yrs old but still extremely fit and capable in combat. He is a well established and resourced inquisitor of the Liberal Puritan persuasion. He acknowledges the benefits of the psyker or mutant, but to him they will always remain inferiors. 

Zuriel holds to the following axioms

Omnia Audax (In all things daring): Constantly challenge authority, popular beliefs and often common sense. When successful, it is most impressive, unfortunately success is often not guaranteed.

Fides Omnia Vincit (Faith conquers all): Zuriels' faith is a very important part of who he is. He beleives utterly in the righteousness of the Imperium, making him unflinching in his personal convictions. 

Potentia Per Scientia (Power through knowledge): ‘Know thine enemy, for you are known to him already’

Zuriel has been on a pilgrims voyage to Holy Terra and it has always remained deep in his thoughts and strengthened his faith and resolve to fight all that the Imperium opposses. He is famous for personally leading a boarding action against the renegade Exorcist Class Grand Cruiser "Consul of Doom" personally slaying its Captain. Though horribly maimed and requiring extensive surgeries and cyber-augmetics he survived the encounter. Zuriel would go on to claim "The Doom" as his prize and it has remained his well armed and armored base of operations ever since. 

Though he diiligently serves his Ordo he also proscribes to the philosophy that ‘Knowledge is power, hide it well.’ and so at times can seem aloof and with unclear amibitions or motivations. 

Amongst his resources are a small number of untouchables in a addition to the astropaths and navigators aboard his Flagship. He is well-connected, and can call upon various Imperial Guard assets which are available to Zuriel due to contacts within the organisation. Many of his other contacts are Infiltrators and double-agents which feed the Zuriel information from across the Sector creating a powerful spy network. 

He also maintains a personal army, this privately acquired body of troops are a professionally trained, licensed and Imperial regulated cadre of specialists who are housed aboard his ship.