Bug 290


  • Walk (Half Action) : 4
  • Walk (Full Action) : 8
  • Charge (Full Action) : 12
  • Run (Full Action) : 24


  • Can put Heightened Senses (so forth) here. :

Character advancement

  • XP earned: 55
  • XP spent: 5100
  • XP banked: N/A


Denomination Value Amount
Throne Gelt 1:1 2564 (Carried)
Throne Gelt 1:1 0 (Saved)
Throne Gelt 1:1 180 (Monthly Income)

Gear carried

  • bolts(23)
  • mono bolts(19) +2 Pen
  • grapnel and line
  • Chrono
  • equipment harness
  • 15m rope
  • Electric torch
  • Filtration Plugs
  • Re-Breather cans(3)
  • Micro-bead
  • Holo Wafers(9)

Special items

Type Effects # of Uses
Cameleoline Cloak N/A
Auspex Scanner +10 Awareness, Tech-Use to detect gasses, pressure, etc. N/A
Infared Goggles Dark Sight N/A
Combi-Tool +10 Tech Use N/A
Re-Breather +10 Security N/A
Stummers(2) +30 to SM

Quintos : Character sheet


Name Score Modifiers
Weapon Skill 47
Ballistic Skill 42
Strength 34
Toughness 31
Agility 41
Intelligence 40
Perception 27
Willpower 39
Fellowship 39
Wounds 15 +0

Special attributes

Name Level
There are no cilvians in the battle for survival. Divination
Fate Points 2/2


Name Level Base Attr Bonus
Awareness Trained +10 Per +10
Climb Trained S +0
Concealment Trained Ag +0
Disguise Trained Fel +0
Dodge Trained +20 Ag +20
Inquiry Trained Fel +0
Silent Move Trained +10 Ag +10
Shadowing Trained Ag +0
Acrobatics Trained +10 Agility +10
Tech-Use Trained Intelligence +0
Chem-Use Trained +10 Intelligence +10


Name Level Base Attr
Secret Tongue (Tech) Trained Intelligence
Low Gothic Trained Intelligence


Name Type Effects
Packing Iron Hiveworld If you are without a usable gun you take a –5 penalty on all Tests
Way of the Gun Forgeworld Increase Ballistic Skill by +5 gain a +5 bonus on Tech Use Tests projectile guns
The Bloody Edge Moritat –20 Willpower Test to use a weapon lacking an edge.any edged weapon has Tearing when used against living targets.
Hivebound -10 penalty to all Survival (Int) Tests

Special abilities

Name Effects Notes
Unremarkable Can fix jammed weaponry You are easily forgettable.
Jaded Never gain Insanity Points from ordinary horrors
Sprint Full Move +AB, Run double Movement
Wary +1 bonus to Initiative rolls.
Lightning Reflexes Add twice AB to Initiative rolls
Furious Assault On a successful WS Test, gain a free second attack. All- Out Attack
lademaster Re-roll a missed attack, once per Round.
Sure Strike Choose Hit Location on a successful attack
Lightning Attack Attack 3 with a Full Action.
Rapid Reaction Test Ag to negate Surprise


Psyker's can put powers here


Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Melee Weapon Training(Power)
Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive)
Basic Weapon Training (Primitive)

Defenses and resistances

Name Type Rating Special Props
Anything that affects resistances, such as Resistance (Cold), can be placed here. Also the Machine trait if applicable.
Hardened Body Glove Flak All +3 -20 using tech
Resistances (Example) Cold +10


Name Notes
Wounds 15/15
Insanity 9
Corruption 10


Name Dmg Rng ROF Cap Mods Effects Props
Sword 1d10 Melee N/A N/A +2 Pen Rending Mono, Balanced,Best
Sigilite 1d5 Melee N/A N/A +5 Pen Rending Defensive, Good, Mono
Hand Bow 1d10 15m s/-/- 1(Full) +0 Pen Rending Primitive, Red-Dot Laser Sight
Crossbow 1d10 30m s/-/- 1 (2Full) +0 Pen Rending Primitive, Red-Dot Laser Sight