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Profile details

Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Ethnicity: "Middle-Eastern" equivalent
  • Alignment/ethics: Pacifist healer
  • Skin color: Well-worn leather
  • Age: Old
  • Height : Still pretty tall
  • Weight: Comfortable
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color & style: Gray and balding
  • Fashion sense: Plain but comfortable
  • Place of birth: the capitol
  • Current residence: the countryside near the capitol
  • Relationship status: Widower
  • Weapon of choice: Knowledge


  • Level: Hero

Tawfiq ibn Ali, retired physician : Character profile

About me

When his wife died, Tawfiq left his comfortable retirement to seek out his prodigal son, Nadr. Nadr ran away some years ago to become an adventurer, which Tawfiq had forbidden because he considers it a stupid, barbaric profession. Tawfiq was prompted by loneliness to set aside his anger and try to make peace with Nadr, if he can find him. He wants his son to come home.


Tawfiq made a name for himself in the capitol as a man of learning and a great physician. He rejoiced in healing others, but as his age advanced he decided to retire to the countryside, where he lived until his wife passed away. 

Someone else would describe me as...

Quiet, fastidious, and wry. 

Character relationships

Tawfiq hasn't spoken to his son Nadr in years. He knows his skills and knowledge would be useful to adventurers, so he will attempt to suspend his disapproval and join up with a party in order to find Nadr. He has a good reputation among the older members of the middle class neighborhoods in the capitol and among the people in the villages near his country home.