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Profile details

Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment/ethics: Good / Pelor
  • Skin color: White
  • Age: 54
  • Height : 6'1''
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color & style: Grey, short
  • Fashion sense: Hide armor
  • Flaw: Deeply religious
  • Weapon of choice: Great Sword


  • Current class: Warlord
  • Level: 3

Kolten "Kolt" Drierawkthar : Character profile

About me

Kolt is light hearted but can easily turn when justice and truth are concerned. He will lead anyone in a fight but won't trust anyone behind him outside the field of battle. Each day, he writes in a journal about his adventures. This journal is where he keeps his rules of justice and the stories of his accomplishments. Without them, he may loose touch with what justice and truth really are.


Kolten was a high born child from the Kingdom of the Plains. He was quickly taken into the knights guild at 16 (his older brothers were the first heirs to his family's wealth). By 19, he swore his vows and became a knight of the High Plains, the main guard of the Withered Keep. After serving for only a few months, he was drafted as a knight in the king's army. The wars and battles that followed shaped the young man into the warrior, and leader, that he would become. By 30, he had retired from battle and settled with his wife, Rebecca. Before he could father a child, the Withered Keep was swarmed and its villages burnt to the ground in the esuing battle.

They were able to escape and they hid in a nearby village after ducking into a farmer's haycart. While in the village, Kolten saved a common villager who was being questioned by an enemy soldier looking for knights of the Withered Keep. The farmer offered Kolten and his wife sanctuary in his home. The next day, the farmer betrayed them to the invaders for a few coin.

While in the prison of the keep he originally protected, Kolten was able to undo his bonds and escape the keep using his knowledge of its walls. He searched for his wife but was unable to find her in the keep or nearby prison camp. He returned to the farmer and discovered that they had sold her into slavery. After hearing this news, he slew the farmer but allowed the farmer's wife and son to escape.  

Kolt's belief in truth, trust and mercy was brought to it's limit but his code remains strong, yet changed. No longer did all men speak in truthful tongues, no longer were men innocent until proven an enemy, and no longer was the sting of death reserved for soldiers alone. If anyone was right enough to carry the world's justice, it was Kolt. And until the gods took away his life, justice was precisely how he saw his duty.