Varath 1

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  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Twi'lek
  • Skin color: Reddish-orange


  • Current profession: Thief / Assassin / Scout / Gambler
  • Current class: Smuggler

Var’ath Dyun : Character profile

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Memories on hyperlanes

  • Var’ath Dyun
  • Thu, Sep 24, 2015
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  • Var’ath sat lost in thought in the cockpit of Lost Fortune. The other members of the crew were fast asleep as the freighter was drawing nearer to Kluistar, hyperspace streaks zooming past it like arrows made of stars. But sleep had not come to Var’ath and so he had wandered...

    Stars over Naboo

  • Var’ath Dyun
  • Wed, Dec 03, 2014
  • Views: 15
  • Comments: 1
  • Lit by countless stars, Naboo’s night sky was a shining tapestry of constellations and nebulae. On a grassy hillock squatted a portly Twi’lek wearing an ostentatious dressing gown, flanked by his two small children. His fingers were busy pointing at the various incandescent bodies, each one marking a step in...

    Dreams in the desert

  • Var’ath Dyun
  • Wed, May 07, 2014
  • Views: 20
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  • Chilly darkness had fallen over the barren expanses of the Tatooine Dune Sea. Due to an unfortunate mishap their speeder bike had suffered, Kentas and Var’ath had been forced to take shelter in a small crag for the night. They were close enough to the nearest settlements that there was...

    On the night watch over Cholganna

  • Var’ath Dyun
  • Fri, Jan 31, 2014
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  • Var’ath regarded the greenly glistening planet stretching outside the cockpit of Lost Fortune. From the orbit the steaming jungles of Cholganna seemed peaceful enough, but his recent hands-on experience of the local fauna had already taught Var’ath better. Recollections of the searing grasp of the arboreal octopi and the razor-sharp...

    About me

    Characteristics: Brawn 1, Agility 3, Intellect 2, Cunning 4, Willpower 2, Presence 3

    Soak: 1 (2 with armour)

    Wound Threshold: 14

    Strain Threshold: 18

    Defense: 1/1


    Athletics 2 (1P/1A)

    Charm 2 (2P/1A)

    Computers 3 (2P/1A)

    Cool 2 (2P/1A)

    Coordination 2 (2P/1A)

    Deception 3 (3P/1A)

    Gunnery 1 (1P/2A)

    Knowledge: Underworld 2 (2P)

    Mechanics 2 (2P)

    Melee 2 (1P/1A)

    Negotiation 2 (2P/1A)

    Perception 3 (3P/1A)

    Ranged: Light 2 (2P/1A)

    Skulduggery 3 (3P/!A)

    Stealth 2 (2P/1A)

    Streetwise 2 (2P/2A)


    Black Market Contacts 1 (When purchasing illegal goods, may reduce rarity by 1 per rank, increasing cost by 50 percent of base cost per reduction.)

    Bypass Security 2 (Remove Setback per rank of Bypass Security from attempts to disable security or open a locked door.)

    Convincing Demeanor 1 (Remove Setback per rank of Convincing Demeanor from Deception or Skulduggery check.)

    Deadly Accuracy (Add damage equal to ranks in Ranged - Light to one hit of a successful attack with that skill.)

    Dedication 1 (Gain +1 to a single characteristic. This cannot bring a characteristic above 6.)

    Dodge 3 (When targeted, suffer Strain no greater than ranks and upgrade the difficulty of attack by same number.)

    Grit 5 (Gain +5 Strain Threshold.)

    Jump Up (Once per round, may stand from seated or prone as an incidental.)

    Master of Shadows (Once per round, suffer 2 Strain to decrease difficulty of next Stealth or Skulduggery check by 1.)

    Natural Rogue (Once per session may re-roll any 1 Skulduggery or Stealth check.)

    Precise Aim 1 (Once per round suffer Strain no greater than ranks and reduce target’s Defence by that number as a maneuver.)

    Quick Draw (Once per round, draw or holster a weapon or item as an incidental.)

    Quick Strike 1 (Add Boost per rank of Quick Strike to combat checks against targets that have not acted yet this encounter.)

    Rapid Reaction 1 (Suffer Strain no greater than ranks and add an equal number of Successes to your Initiative check.)

    Second Chances 1 (Once per encounter, choose a number of positive dice equal to ranks in Second Chances and re-roll them.)

    Shortcut 1 (During a chase, add Boost per rank to any checks made to catch or escape an opponent.)

    Strong Arm (Treat thrown weapons as if they had 1 greater range.)

    Stalker 3 (Add Boost per rank to all Stealth and Coordination checks.)

    Street Smarts 1 (Remove one setback per rank from Streetwise or Knowledge: Underworld checks.)

    Targeted Blow 1 (After attack, spend 1 Destiny Point to add Damage equal to Agility to the hit.)

    Toughened 1 (Gain +2 Wound Threshold.)




    Utility belt (25 creds), datapad (75 creds), comlink (25 creds), macrobinoculars (75 creds), 4 stimpacks (25 creds each), Sabacc deck (40 creds), hand scanner (100 creds), slicer gear (500 creds), expensive clothing (300 creds), heavy clothing (50 creds), armored clothing (1000 creds), modular backpack (75 creds), climbing gear (50 creds), glowrod (10 creds), camouflage paint (40 creds), tool kit (350 creds), 2 electronic snares (50 crds), 5 throwing blades (15 creds each), 4 custom throwing blades (50 creds each), 3 bolas (20 creds each), 2 stun grenades (75 creds each), 2 doses SS Neuroparalytic (75 creds), 4 doses SS Anesthetic (35 creds), sporting blaster + telescopic sight (850 creds), blaster pistol, detachable force pike, porter droid + remote activation device (2250 creds), 2 x ionization blasters (250 creds), 1755 creds cash


    Only one to escape a slaver raid that robbed him of his family, Var’ath grew up on the seedier side of the galaxy, engaged in various larcenous pursuits from an early age. Little by little his predilections gravitated toward unauthorised acquisition of assets, a trade for which he showed considerable natural aptitude. He was further mentored in the pilferous arts by a Sullustan named Nool Toramb, who later ended up antagonising the Black Sun with fatal consequences. Afraid that he might share the fate of the venturesome near-human, Var’ath hastily departed his environs and set out to roam across the Corporate Sector in the hopes of reconnecting with his long-lost relatives. With the help of little monetary compensation disbursed to a Trandoshan bounty hunter, he has so far been able to learn the whereabouts of his sister An’ath, who is currently held by Gorat Ulay, a Neimoidian merchant baron notorious for his penchant to arbitrary acts of cruelty. Fearing for An’ath’s safety and well-being, Var’ath is determined to arrange her release from the clutches of the depraved profiteer by any means expedient.

    Character relationships

    Obligations: Family 10, Bounty 5