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  • Gender: Fallen Angel
  • Race: Fallen Angel
  • Ethnicity: Fallen Angel
  • Alignment/ethics: Fallen Angel
  • Skin color: Mercury
  • Age: As old as time
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair color & style: Copper Wire
  • Virtue: Loyalty
  • Flaw: Arrogance
  • Place of birth: Paradise
  • Current residence: Washington, DC
  • Weapon of choice: Shield


  • Current profession: Sword/Janitor
  • Current class: Fallen
  • Guild: Sword

Enkara/Irenic/Bob Wilson : Character profile

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Breaking Radio Silence

  • Enkara/Irenic/Bob Wilson
  • Sat, Oct 11, 2014
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  • My head is tipped down. Features hidden by the veteran's baseball cap I'm wearing. My clothes are baggy and worn. The kind truckers would wear. The kind you don't need to replace that often. I despise walking in places like this. Airports. Even domestic ones are breeding grounds for germs....

    Risky Move

  • Enkara/Irenic/Bob Wilson
  • Tue, Sep 30, 2014
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  • Brief recap: The 3 PCs joined Caleb, Lia and "Agent Payload" to rescue an agent "Mr. Frame" from a secure office building in Washington, DC. Three parties were present on site. A group of 10 or so humans, 2 demons from the cover market and 2 angels. The angels were...

    Rescue Mission

  • Enkara/Irenic/Bob Wilson
  • Sat, Sep 20, 2014
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  • I am disconnected. It's been fifty years. These old bones of Bob Wilson ache. They are slow. They lack power. But more than anything else? I am no longer sharp. I am a dulled blade. My confidence did not pay off tonight. Did we succeed in our objectives? Yes. Did...

    Buy In

  • Enkara/Irenic/Bob Wilson
  • Thu, Sep 11, 2014
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  • Last week in Bebelos: - Caleb and The Keplar Solids recruited the party to investigate the disappearance of an agent called Mr. Frame. He was working at a data entry company and stopped showing up 3 days ago, his only reports now being e-mails which betrayed the original narrative of...

    Infiltration Mission

  • Enkara/Irenic/Bob Wilson
  • Fri, Sep 05, 2014
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  • Last week in Bebelos: - The group are commissioned by the Cover Market to do a series of cold drops. - The first was a pack of CD Jewel Cases to be dropped at the Lincoln Memorial, the drop was collected by a tan skinned woman with glasses. - The...

    About me

    Enkara means Weapon and it was an apt description. He was one of the eldest angels created by the God Machine and was well respected among the ranks. He had lead the genocides of many different cultures through history. With his team he had been the guiding hand which ushers human progression and halted it when the Machine required.

    He was a fierce warrior with expertize in close quarters combat and short-ranged weapons. He was known for having brilliant tactical skills, though this may be in part due to his support team. He remains a rather ignorant person, unwilling to focus on subjects outside of his core program. 

    Enkara knew he was the best and most loved of the Swords. He took great pride in his reputation and enjoyed any and all praise he received. He considered loyalty to be his most defining virtue and admits arrogance is his fatal flaw.

    His main weapon is a shield which is part of his angelic body.

    As an angel he was a bold humanoid with mercury skin which ripples and slides across the framework of his muscular structure. He has bold green eyes capable of seeing in the dark. Long wings and tendrils of copper wire which protude from his head like hair.

    He is no longer an angel. He is no longer Enkara.

    These days he exists within the cover of Bob Wilson, a janitorial worker in Washington, DC. Though Enkara is still cautious of the demon community and reluctant to expose himself, he has chosen the name Irenic for himself. He finds it ironic.


    Strategos Enkara was an angel and one of the God Machine's most utilized tools. He has lived dozens of human lives shaping the course of human history by his actions. Most rumors and praise come from his work in Babylon.

    Over the course of his career he was pushed from battle to leadership, to the point where his modern work involved very little actual battlefield experience. Despite hesitance, Enkara found himself gifted in these areas.

    Within Paradise he always found himself close and paired with a Psychopomp named Machaneh who is to this day in charge of intel and development. Even after his fall Enkara considers Machaneh his truest friend.

    The only time the two were deployed at the same time they were when they, and two other angels, staffed the Russian submaraine B-59 in October 1962.

    This assignment ended with Enkara falling.

    Machaneh did not.

    He then spent 50 years in bitterness, anger and trying to reconcile the betrayal he felt after Machaneh failed to join him.

    In the present day, Enkara has taken the cover Bob Wilson and is working in janitorial work in order to get closer to areas he feels will aid him in the priorities he has taken upon himself.

    Someone else would describe me as...

    A brilliant genius on the battlefield. A bold leader. A legendary servant of the Machine.

    Arrogant. Thick headed. Willfully ignorant.

    Recently people have observed he is bitter and paranoid.

    Character relationships

    Machaneh: Enkara's best friend and tactical partner. Machaneh, which means Camp, is the one who builds the ranks and units for Enkara on mission. In the field the two select, train and lead the greatest warriors of human history. In Paradise Machaneh is more in tune with R&D and Intel than Enkara who is purely combat based. If Enkara is the sword, Machaneh is the arm that guides it.

    The pair know one another and have worked for one another for so long that even in Paradise where all are connected, the two share a special and noteable bond.

    That bond was severed on October 27th 1962. The two have had no contact with one another since that day.