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Into another fire

  • Owen Pierce
  • Sat, Jul 22, 2017
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  • The past few months have indeed been a triffle, a challenge and somewhat of a quandary. Indeed between my companion Lorena being unceremoniously disposed of by the coward who dared to steal my monicker and M.O; the revelation that my other partner was working in collusion with the "cure" obsessed...

    I should not have picked up the package

  • Owen Pierce
  • Wed, Sep 30, 2015
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  • It appears that maintaining a social pool of similarly inclined fellows such as Lorena and Jeremy may have some slight unwanted side-effects, such as drawing enough attention upon my person to receive anonymous letters demanding my assistance in solving a serial murder; being introduced to the concept of a high...

    "Hurry Up"

  • Owen Pierce
  • Sun, Aug 30, 2015
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  • Hurry up?! Hurry up!?! Right here on my modest hotel desk lie two newspaper clippings. Both killed by an impossibly strong fiend and while they were in the process of offering sorely needed funds to two of the three "patients" of Pine's wretched excuse for a treatment facility. PAH! Now...

    About me

    Owen Pierce is a man with a double life.


    In one life he wears paint stained polo shirts, worn and faded caps bearing the letters DIFY, baige paints with tool belts bearing screwdrivers, flashlights and other neccessities.

    He's well mannered and speaks fast. If you meet him as a friend or stranger he is down to Earth, a little bit outspoken and rather reserved about his personal life.

    If you met him as a client he would speak over you, pin-point at least four problems unrelated to the one you called about and a way of ensuring that you knew he could handle any situation and that you would have no clue on what work would be required to do so.

    In this life, Owen is a handiman. Through cold visits, building connections and generally reliable and good value work he has a web of clients across the Midwest and branching out. No one knows where he lives. No one cares. The business address is a PO Box in whichever state the job is in.

    No one cares about the handiman.


    In the other life, Owen wears pressed clothes. Nothing as garish as full suits, but enough to envoke a proper and tidy image. He dons glasses which his other life does not seem to require, his hair is combed to perfection with all traces of hathead removed. His shoes are polished, his slacks held by an unrestricted belt and every fibre of his outfit is free from even the slightest speck of paint, dust or debris.

    If you met this Owen as a friend or stranger he would be authorative, bold and more than anything a sharp wit. He would listen, of course, absorbing every word anyone said, painting a rich tapestry of the type of person they are from their eye movements, posture, word choice and even the briefest pause between lines. He is quite adept at profiling. Seldom does he misjudge.

    If you met this Owen as a "client", more... a "target" then you would be confused, overwhelmed and most of all you would be tested. Pit mind to mind against his superior intellect, his cunning proclivity for puzzles and his warped world view. At least 30 people have met Owen this way and all of them met the same fate. Death.

    Sometimes by poison, sometimes by explosive. Sometimes by something all too much more sinister.

    In this life, Owen is The Cryptic Killer.

    In this life, Owen is a serial killer.


    Owen lies about his past all of the time. He lies about his name. Owen lies. Even in the tapes he leaves for his victims the stories he shares are designed to inspire or intimidate.

    He is offended by the notion anyone could understand him.

    He once tried talking with someone about his world view and the sequence of events that lead up to them. Cretin. It was an unplanned murder but it was quite cathartic. To dismiss the damage and obsession which lead to this lifestyle was a fatal decision. Only a fool would make it.

    If a person would rather die than extend an iota of grace and understanding then perhaps it's not worth sharing at all.

    Somewhere along the line an above average student got the idea that the only worthy measure of a man was intellect. He felt horribly betrayed when life proved that this simply was not the case.

    Even if it were, rote learning and a damaged social structure ruin the prospects for anyone who truly wishes to get ahead and merely ushers the chosen few to their destination with nary a hurdle.

    Objectively the pressures and tests and expectations are the same for any life. But that's where the lie comes in. Objectively we are all the same, all human, all with the same wild possibility and potential.

    Owen knows better.

    And how he loathes those who stand on the shoulders of giants with their noses held high, claiming it was through blood sweat and tears.

    Perhaps they did have to struggle, adapt and force themselves forward to get where they were. If they did, perhaps they could be tested...

    Someone else would describe me as...

    Arrogant, not as smart as he thinks he is, reliant upon praise.


    Character relationships

    Lorena Kensington - A woman drive by passion and emotion. Her targets are cheating husbands, potentially inspired by her senator husband.

    Jeremy Cunningham - Charming in a way one would not expect of a killer, not the invites you in charming, more the ambient neutral... geuine? kind?

    Marigold Pine - Misguided. We have not seen her true colors.

    Exit - Inferior. Living on borrowed time.