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  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Fri, Mar 24, 2017
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  • I knew the night would be an important one so I needed to be prepared. I invited Aaron to the warehouse but he was looking rough. It appears that he has no place to go…he is like a ship without a rudder. I offer him a job keeping the place...


  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Fri, Mar 10, 2017
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  • Time rolls on. It had been several nights since Tessa was cornered by an Invictus errand boy and I was obliged to step-in. The Kindred that had assaulted Tessa was a large fella, a menacing fella. Although Tessa lacked the skill to physically defend herself, she did not lack the...

    Torn to Pieces

  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Sat, Feb 25, 2017
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  • Upon acquiring a new cell I was mildly surprised by the number of messages left. I knew the feeding was Pleasurable, I recall very well the sensations Mr. Bliss delivered to me on the night I “died.” Still, I was surprised how tenacious some individuals could be when they wanted...

    I Lived

  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Sat, Feb 11, 2017
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  • The night air felt the same after the trial. As we broke off, each to our own placed, I followed James and asked him what his plans were. Not surprisingly, James didn’t really have any plans. I reminded him about the crucifix and that Baron Basco might be willing to...


  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Sat, Jan 28, 2017
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  • The Queen came and I believe she is every bit the monster that I thought she was. After a few moments of interaction I quickly decided to change my strategy toward her and threw-off any idea of charming her. I even allowed her to probe my mind without resistance as...

    About me

    Name: The Daeva

    Chronicle: "A Requiem for the Lost"

    Mask: Junkie

    Dirge: Martyr

    Concept: Indulgent Fighting Champion

    Clan: Daeva

    Bloodline: None

    Covenant: The Invictus




    Intelligence: 1

    Wits: 2

    Resolve: 3



    Strength: 3

    Dexterity: 3

    Stamina: 2



    Presence: 3

    Manipulation: 3

    Composure: 2



    Mental (-3 Unskilled)

    Academics: 1


    Crafts: 1


    Medicine: 1 (First-Aid)


    Politics: 1



    Physical (-1 Unskilled)

    Athletics: 3

    Brawl: 4 (Mixed Martial Arts)



    Larceny: 1

    Stealth: 1


    Weaponry: 2


    Social (-1 Unskilled)

    Animal Ken:

    Empathy: 1


    Intimidation: 2

    Persuasion: 1

    Socialize: 2 (Carousing)

    Streetwise: 1




    Celerity 1

    Unleashing her Beast, a vampire can cross vast distances in the blink of an eye, catch a thrown punch before her attacker has even moved a muscle, or snatch a gun barrel away from a man’s temple before he can pull the trigger. Celerity makes a vampire so fast that it’s as if she never has to move at all.

    Cost: None or 1 Vitae per active effect
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: None (for persistent effects) or Reflexive (for active effects)
    Duration: Permanent (for persistent effects) or one turn (for active effects)

    Like other physical Disciplines, Celerity has two kinds of effects: persistent and active. Persistent effects are always on, and have no cost. Active effects are reflexive and cost one Vitae per effect.

    Persistent: Add the vampire’s dots in Celerity to her Defense, or to her Dodge roll when defending actively. If a Firearms attack denies her normal Defense, the attacker still takes a penalty on his attack equal to the vampire’s dots in Celerity. A character must still be aware of incoming attacks to defend against them. If she is restrained, slumbering, or otherwise unable to respond, Celerity offers no advantage.

    Active: By spending Vitae Celerity allows for bursts of speed faster than the eye can perceive. For each point of Vitae spent choose one effect from the following list. A vampire may spend additional Vitae to invoke multiple effects simultaneously, but no effect of Celerity may be used more than once per turn.

    • Immediately move to the head of the Initiative queue. This boost in Initiative lasts only one turn, after which all combatants return to acting in their rolled order. If multiple vampires attempt to jump ahead simultaneously they enter a Clash of Wills, the winner acts first.

    • Interrupt the action of another character with a brief action of her own. This could be an attack, making it possible to disable an opponent in mid-action. It may be movement, avoiding harm by shifting out of reach. Or it could be any other instant action, like
    activating a Discipline or dodging. However, the vampire is still limited to one instant action. She cannot use Celerity to make two
    attacks, or an attack followed by another instant action. Likewise she cannot move further in a single turn than her Speed would allow. The decision to interrupt is made after another character’s action is declared, but before it actually occurs (before dice are rolled). Once interrupted, the other character must continue his declared action, if it’s still possible. If the action is no longer possible, he takes no
    action. Alternatively, that character’s player may declare his action a dramatic failure and take a Beat. Celerity cannot interrupt reflexive
    actions or actions of which the character was unaware. Finally, using Celerity in this way is exhausting; a vampire may only interrupt as
    many actions in a scene as she has dots in Celerity.

    • Multiply her speed by her dots in Celerity plus one. Moving in this way is sudden, jarring, the vampire appears to shift from
    point to point without crossing the space in-between. She may use this to briefly avoid detection or launch surprise attacks.

    Majesty 1


    Awe shines a spotlight on the vampire even in a crowded room. He’s the most important person around and people want to be around him. Awe creates an aura of power, a sense that the vampire’s important, like a billionaire playboy or a movie star. He could be wearing tattered clothes, with open wounds and his face caked in shit but people still think he’s cooler than them, and they want to be around him.

    Cost: None
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Instant
    Duration: Scene

    When he wills it, all eyes fall on the vampire and nobody cares what he’s doing. For the rest of the scene, he suffers no penalties to Social rolls from his actions or appearance — even if he’s just beaten another man to death or waved a gun in a crowded nightclub. Given a chance, he can talk his way out of minor criminal offenses and almost any social faux pas. As the center of attention, he adds his Majesty dots to any Presence rolls when talking to people around him. This bonus only applies when talking to people normally, not to other uses of Majesty. Anyone paying attention to him also subtracts his Majesty dots from any Wits + Composure rolls to notice anything other
    than the vampire. With a word, he can summon anyone in the room to his side — not by any mystical compulsion, but by making her aware that he wants her to approach. Another vampire can fortify herself against Awe with her predatory aura. If she succeeds, she is unaffected by Awe.

    Vigor 1

    Cost: None or 1 Vitae per active effect
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: None (for persistent effects) or Reflexive (for active effects)
    Duration: Permanent (for persistent effects) or one action (for active effects)

    Like other physical Disciplines, Vigor has two kinds of effects: persistent and active. Persistent effects are always on, and have no cost. Active effects are Reflexive, and cost one Vitae per effect.

    Persistent: Add the vampire’s dots in Vigor to her Strength. This can raise her Strength above the normal limits imposed by her Blood Potency. Additionally, the vampire may make a Strength + Athletics roll to jump. The yards (meters) jumped are equal to (successes) * (Vigor dots + 1).

    Active: By spending Vitae a vampire can energize her dead muscles, giving her a brief but substantial burst of strength. For each point of
    Vitae spent choose one effect from the following list. A vampire may spend additional Vitae to invoke multiple effects simultaneously, but no effect of Vigor may be used more than once per turn.

    • Add her dots in Vigor as a weapon bonus to all Athletics, Brawl, and Weaponry attacks made this turn. This puts enormous strain on weapons, especially those not intended for heavy hitting. Improvised weapons take one point of damage for every dot of Vigor over that tool’s durability whenever they are used in this manner.

    • Lift and hurl objects normally far too unwieldy to use as weapons, such as boulders, cars, and other people. Any object she can lift, with Size no greater than her Strength, can be used as an improvised melee or throwing weapon. Improvised weapons have a weapon bonus equal to the lower of their Size or Durability. Objects with Size greater than 5 deal lethal damage to mortals, while those with Size 10 or more deal lethal even to vampires.



    Fame 2 (MMA Champion): 

    Effect: Your character is recognized within a certain sphere for a certain skill, or because of some past action, or just a stroke of luck. This can mean favors and attention, but it can also mean negative attention and scrutiny. This can tax the Masquerade if one’s not careful. When choosing the Merit, define what your character is known for. One dot reflects local recognition or reputation within a confined subculture. Two dots means regional recognition by a wide swath of people. Three dots means worldwide recognition to anyone who might have been exposed to the source of the fame. Each dot adds a die to any Social rolls among those who are impressed by your character’s celebrity. 

    Drawback: Any rolls to find or identify the character enjoy a +1 die bonus per dot of the Merit. If the character has Alternate Identity, she can mitigate this drawback. A character with Fame cannot have the Anonymity Merit.

    Staff 1 (Agent/Socialize): Your character has a crew of workers or assistants at her disposal. For every dot in this Merit, choose one type of assistant, and one Skill. At any reasonable time, her staff can take actions using that Skill. These actions automatically garner
    a single success. While not useful in contested actions, this guarantees success on minor, mundane activities. Note that you may have employees without requiring the Staff Merit. Staff simply adds a mechanical advantage for those groups.

    Striking Looks 1 (1): Effect: Your character is stunning, alarming, commanding, repulsing, threatening, charming, or otherwise worthy of
    attention. Determine how your character looks and how people react to that. For one dot, your character gets a +1 die bonus on any Social rolls that would be influenced by his looks. For two dots, the benefit increases to +2. Depending on the particulars, this might influence Expression, Intimidation, Persuasion, Subterfuge, or other rolls.

    Drawback: Attention is a double-edged sword. Any rolls to spot, notice, or remember your character gain the same die bonus. Sometimes, your character will draw unwanted attention in social situations. This could cause further complications.

    Martial Arts Style (2): 

    Effect: Your character is trained in one or more formal martial arts styles. This may have come from a personal mentor, a dojo, or a self-defense class. It may have been for exercise, protection, show, or tradition. These maneuvers may only be used unarmed, or with weapons capable of using the Brawl Skill, such as a punch dagger, or a weapon using the Shiv Merit.

    * Focused Attack: Your character has trained extensively in striking specific parts of an opponent’s body. Reduce penalties for hitting specific targets by one. Additionally, you may ignore one point of armor on any opponent.

    ** Defensive Strike: Your character excels in defending herself while finding the best time to strike. You can add one or two points to your character’s Defense. For each Defense point you take, subtract a die from any attacks you make. This can only be used in a turn in which your character intends to attack. It cannot be used with a Dodge.

    Barfly (2): Your character is a natural in the bar environment and can procure an open invitation wherever she wishes. Whereas most characters would require rolls to blend into social functions they don’t belong in, she doesn’t; she belongs. Rolls to identify her as an outsider suffer her Socialize as a penalty.

    Status 2 (Ultimate Fighting Championship) (2): Your character has standing, membership, authority, control over, or respect from a group or organization. Your character can apply her Status to any Social roll with those over which she has authority or sway. She has access to group facilities, resources, and funding. She also has pull. If your character knows another character’s Mentor, Resources, Retainer, Contacts, or Allies, she can block their usage.






    Health: 7


    Willpower: 5


    Blood Potency: 1




    Humanity: 7


    Size: 5 

    Speed: 11

    Defense: 5


    Initiative Mod: 5

    Beats: /5