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A (Literal) Dark Cloud (Session 38-40 Journal Entry)

  • Vijay Ganaka, The King
  • Sun, Aug 21, 2016
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  • Director,   I cannot say I disagree with Hogan-Howe’s reinstatement. From what I know of him and learned from his file, he was as competent a director of IS as could be expected. We do not necessarily have the time to investigate Sullivan thoroughly enough to allay my concerns. However...

    Session 37 Journal Entry

  • Vijay Ganaka, The King
  • Sat, Apr 30, 2016
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  • Director,   I regret to inform you that I have not had the chance to serve the ban order to Kalissa. No doubt you are already aware of what happened at Hampstead Manor. I owe you a report and an explanation. The serving of ban orders and enforcing them is...

    Session 35/36 Journal Entry

  • Vijay Ganaka, The King
  • Tue, Apr 05, 2016
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  • Director,   I apologize for the delay in my report. I had paperwork- a lot of it- to finish. As you know, I had a meeting scheduled with Savannah Markham. Understandably she is very upset by Arthur’s fate, which could have and should have been much worse if even a...

    About me

    Name: Vijay Ganaka
    Gender: Male
    Look: toned body, intense eyes, quick hands
    Stats: Blood 3, Heart 1, Mind 1, Spirit 0
    Faction Rapport: Mortality 2, Night 1, Power 0, Wild 0

    When you kill a person or when members of your crew die, mark corruption.

    Intimacy Move 
    When you share a moment of intimacy - physical or emotional - with another person, they hold 1 on you. They can spend their hold to change a roll you’ve just made to a 10+ or a 6-.

    End Move 
    When you die or retire your character, give your crew one final order and they will follow it through to whatever end may come, even their deaths if required.


    King of the Castle
    You have a crew of around fifteen to twenty people and a headquarters from which you run things. Detail your headquarters with the MC. Your crew counts as a Group when fighting for you (2-harm, small, undisciplined). Choose one for your crew: Well-informed with two fingers on the pulse of the city (give them +connected.

    Size ‘em up
    When you Study Someone, roll with Blood instead of Mind.

    Harold Pryce III- 2 (member of crew- second in command)
    Anna King- I (member of crew)
    Nathaniel Jacobs- I (member of crew)
    Kora Wallace- 5 (saved Hogan-Howe)
    Savannah- 1 (honest about Director)
    Monica- 3 (helped save the day)
    Hogan-Howe- 1 (helped get him reinstated)
    Kalissa- 1 (comforted her)
    King Kinnaras- 1 (has intel)


    X +1 Blood (max +3)
    X  +1 Heart (max +3) 
    __ +1 Spirit (max +3) 
    __ +1 Mind (max +3) 
    __ Change your Faction 
    __ A new King move 
    __ A new King move
    __ A new King move 
    __ A move from another archetype
    __ A move from another archetype 
    __ A move from another archetype

    After 5 advances: 
    __ +1 to any stat (max +3) 
    __ +1 to any stat (max +3) 
    __ +1 to any stat (max +3) 
    __ Erase a Scar 
    __ Erase a Corruption Advance 
    __ Erase a Corruption Advance 
    __ Add an option to your crew 
    __ Advance 3 basic moves 
    __ Advance 3 basic moves 
    __ Retire your character to safety 
    __ Change to a new archetype

    Corruption Advances- 0
    __ Take a Corruption move
    __ Take a Corruption move
    __ Take a Corruption move
    __ Take a Corruption move
    __ Take a Corruption move from another archetype
    __ Retire your character. They may return as a Threat


    • Who are you? "I am a former detective who, after a series of unfortunate events, was recruited by IS.”
    • How long have you been in the city? "I’ve been in the city for three years after transferring from the Mumbai branch.”
    • Who do you wish was still by your side? “My former partner in Mumbai-- he was killed on the case that got me recruited into IS... Life isn't the same without him."
    • Why do you care about the city? "I care about this city because I think, here, I'll have the resources to actually make a difference."
    • What do you need? "I need know that I'm on the right side, that I'm working for the right people. That the decisions I've made and will have to make will be for the best."


    Vijay grew up in Mumbai in comfort if not excess. His family was large and boisterous. From an early age, he admired his uncle who was a member of the Mumbai Police. He knew that was what he wanted to do. He made a name for himself in the force. It was during his time on the force that he became aware that humans were not the only players on the stage. He was eventually approached and offered a position with the IS branch in Mumbai. About three years ago, things went badly wrong. It wasn't Vijay's fault but it was decided that it would be best for him and IS if he were transferred to London. The change of scenery seems to have suited him-- this branch of IS has resources and influence so he can do his job properly and he's far from painful memories.

    Character relationships

    You’ve saved the life of someone’s loved one. Take 2 Debts on them.


    You, or someone in your crew, has taken the life of someone’s loved one. Give them 2 Debts.


    You have a crew who work for you. Choose three members and take 1  Debt on each of them.