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A temporal prison

In many ways I cannot believe I am able to write this. I am a person who has created wonders the likes of which many would call "magic" and yet the prediciment I find myself in loans me no hope of understanding. Today I was executed. My own elicit experimentations...

About me

Details may add or change throughout the campaign. Instead of editing, I intend to date-stamp new passages.

3/12/17: A flop of thin hair combed across his head, Ned Brooks' face is unevenly shaved and coated in nicks and scratches betraying the face of a dishevelled man. His frame is a gangley mass of lean unkempt muscle, proof of a well-cared for physique which was lead to ruin in the midst of a scientific obsession, missed meals and a lack of excercize.

He speaks softly and sports an overly expressive face, one which uses every breath as a punctuation and statement, a face that grimaces to announce thought to onlookers and uses clacks and kisses of teeth to express frustration, impatience and an array of microemotions in a less than subtle manner.

Ned is not driven by either food or drink, but has a fondess for tea and curry. He has drunk in the past but has gone on record as "never tested my alcohol tolerence".



3/12/17: Ned grew up in banking, a man who was defined as his career and had little time for the tyings of marriage and family. He certainly did have his relatives but did not pay them much mind in his pursuit of a comfortable living.

After an incident which left his leg broken and unable to work he began to form an unhealthy intrigue with alchemy and the science surrounding it, locking himself away from the world and focusing on these ghastly experiments. Experiments which would lead him to "hire" local vagabonds for testing. 70% of them were even paid and returned to their homeless homes.

The other 30%?

Well there's a reason Ned found himself on the wrong end of the hangman's noose.

Character relationships

3/12/17: It's too early to begin filling this out, especially as Ned is still intent on escaping his imprisonment (though all the time and resources to perform study unquestioned was what he wanted, wasn't it???). That said he finds his roommate to be tolerable, useful and even fun.