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  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment/ethics: Lawful Good
  • Age: 28
  • Height : 6'2
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair color & style: Black

Donaghast : Character profile

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Dark Traditions & Family Ties

  • Donaghast
  • Wed, Mar 07, 2018
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  • Donaghast looked down, considering the raven tattoo on the back of his hand that marked him as a member of the Szorinazi clan, a name he made no claim to nor had he ever used.  It was tradition for Lovari clans to mark their members in such a way at...

    About me


    LG, Human, Paladin 4 / Bard 1



    Str:  14

    Dex:  10

    Con:  12

    Int:  10

    Wis:  14

    Cha:  16



    AC:  23 (+9 full plate, +4 shield w/focus)

         touch ac:  10

         flat-footed ac:  23

    HP:  42

    Init:  +4

    Fort:  +8

    Refl:  +6

    Will:  +11


    Warhammer +7, 1d8+3, x3, Magic

    Battleaxe +6, 1d8+3, x3, Magic

    Trident +6, 1d8+3, x2, 10', Magic

    Long Bow +4, 1d8+1, x3, 100', Magic


    SKILLS (Ranks/Class Bonus + Ability Bonus)

    Diplomacy:  11

    Sense Motive:  7

    Profession (Barrister): 6

    Perception:  10

    Perform (Oratory):  7

    Use Magic Device:  8

    Knowledge (Local):  6






    0- Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand, Read Magic

    1- Cure Light Wounds, Hideous Laughter



    1- Protection from Evil



    Aura of Good

    Detect Evil

    Smite Evil 2/day

    Bardic Knowledge

    Bardic Performance




    Inspire Courage +1

    Divine Grace

    Lay on Hands


    Aura of Courage

    Divine Health

    Channel Positive Energy



    Improved Initiative

    Shield Focus

    Weapon Focus: Warhammer

    Arcane Strike



    Warhammer, Battleaxe, Trident, Longbow, 40 arrows, Full Plate mail, Backpack (bedroll, blanket, fish hook, flint & steel, grappling hook, 50' rope, 4 days trail rations, waterskin, torches x5), belt pouch, +1 Heavy Wooden Shield (Magical), Necklace of Fireballs x2 (2d6), Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2




    Gold:  161

    Silver:  2

    Copper:  5


    The Cult of Saint Cambrace, or the Redeemers as they are commonly known originated in the northern city of Yorvik some 2000 years ago.  Cambrace was a young boy who offered himself to the service of the lords of the land if they would only spare his father the noose for his crimes as thief and murderer.  The Magister was so touched by the boy’s selflessness that he agreed and spared Cambrace’s father and took the boy in as his ward.  As the boy grew to adulthood he showed the same compassion and selflessness as a barrister and warden of the northern wilds travelling to small settlements to protect the innocent, dispatch the guilty, and mediate all manner of dispute thereby bringing civilization to the frontier.

    Cambrace developed a following of like minded disciples and after his death the Order of the Redeemer was formed in his honor.  The order is made almost entirely of those who were orphaned as children of condemned criminals and were taught that their service would not only redeem the souls of their lost parent, but also bring civilization to an uncivilized world. 

    The Redeemer Edict:  Those who join the Order of the Redeemer devote their lives to protecting the common folk, from the simple farmer to the honest craftsman. These paladins stand before the tide, protecting the innocent from roving marauders and hungry monsters.  The Redeemer must protect the lives and prosperity of the common folk, shielding them from the deprivations of those who would seek to cause them harm or exploit them. He must give charity when it is warranted and aid when needed. He must take no action that would cause harm or hardship to those who cannot defend themselves.  He must show courage in the face of danger, mercy to those who have wronged him, and charity to the poor and the meek. He must be just and honorable at all times and in all things.


    Donaghast is a Lovari orphan whose mother was convicted of witchcraft and cleansed by the purifying fire of the Undying Flame.  He was just a babe when he entered the Order of the Redeemer and it is the only life he has ever known.  Upon donning the ash white cloak of a full Barrister of the Order he decided to wander the northern frontier bringing the warmth of the Homely Hearth to the wild places of northern Primordia.

    Like any Redeemer his word, while not law, is considered sound, just, and wisely heeded when taken in matters of dispute by the common folk.  The ash white cloak he wears is a constant reminder of his, and his mother’s redemption but the subtle light grey weave is a reminder that while true purity can never be achieved, must always be pursued. 

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