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Prince Rin Qui d'Koon Ir'Raelthorne

                                                                     From Birth ~ Current My mother had said upon my birth (6/28/7VR ) that she concidered me a blessing. *All milk in area spoils & a...

Tyras Tander

Tyras has a talent for alchemy, more than his father, since his father was trained on the wizarding ways yet Tyras has not. Ever since his accident a few years back, which took most of his eyesight, strange things have been happening to him. Events in his life have pushed him into a Lawful Neutral mindset, though his curiosity will...

Rafa Carvalho

Bug 100
  • Player: A B
  • Pathfinder
  • A traveling merchant and scholar from the southern city-state of Lugo.  As a young adult, he embarked on a mission to describe the cultures of the world as he travelled around it, under the guise of a trading mission.  Though initially unskilled as a merchant, his years of experience have given him considerable skill in the profession. Known only to...


    Shiv concept
    A towering draconic humanoid, Rygatshivel is a devout cleric of Aasterinian and a member of the Doomguard. Dirt-brown scales cover his hide, turning lighter around his chest and stomach. Blade-like 'dreadlocks' of dark-green hair jut out from behind his saurian head, and his eyes burn a fiery orange color. He wears black full-plate armor with brass trim, up until his...

    Garrath Hammerfist

    Velazquez dwarf don sebastian de morra
    Garr Hammerfist is descended from the Battlehammer Kings of the Mithril Hall on the Spine of the World. Before the fall of the Gods his family was one of wealthiest in all of Faerun. When steam entered the world and fueled the great peace, the Hammerfist fortune went from sizable to grotesque. Mithril became even more desired by the artificers,...


    Leanari crop
    The first born of two sisters, twins by birth yet not by feature, Leanari was a carefree and wild child. Her earliest years were spent chasing squirrels and singing to the sky. The memories of this time that she holds close are vivid and each bear her family members at their forefront. Her twin-sister, their brother, their mother(the queen), mother's consort and...

    Calico Jack

    Something about this humanoid cat seems just a little bit off...like his eyes are too green or his fur too shiny.  He seems to be smiling at a joke only he knows.  Dressed in a top hat and a patchwork cloak of multi-colored cloth with an irredescent inner lining around his torso, he always seems to have a few small...

    Asher Velerin

     I know what you're thinking. Because I'm bigger than most my age, I must be dumb. That is where you, like so many others before you, are gravely mistaken.Belor always said, "Keep your strengths close and allow them to see weakness where there is none." But I was never told that my life would change so much,Now i find myself...


    Fame 2 pp 2    962gp            

    Count Fielder

    Ratfolk by targete d4nhp5c
    Fielder is a bit of a cad.  But he is also quite the coward.  He'll stay in a fight when he absolutely has to, such as when a Code indicates he must lest he face even more dire consequences, but when fleeing is an option it is his first choice. Fielder will always try to attack from a distance if at all possible...