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Who am I? Oh, that's complicated.  Not the least reason is that I am not entirely sure about myself. I know what I see in the mirror--copper and chrome and protruding gears and hastily-welded structural supports--but that's not truly me, that's just the body I inhabit at the moment. One could make the argument that the green glow in the...

Tawfiq ibn Ali, retired physician

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When his wife died, Tawfiq left his comfortable retirement to seek out his prodigal son, Nadr. Nadr ran away some years ago to become an adventurer, which Tawfiq had forbidden because he considers it a stupid, barbaric profession. Tawfiq was prompted by loneliness to set aside his anger and try to make peace with Nadr, if he can find him....

Watanabe Minako

The crimson kunoichi by sorceressmyr
- Poisoned Chakra (Potency 7, Subtlety 5) Activation: Fate Point Activation Time: Free Action         - Lethal Dosage (Potency +4, Subtlety +2)         - Taint         - Ranged (Total Cost: 7)   - Genjutsu         Ability Affinity: Chakra         Power Source: Genjutsu +2 Edge (total cost: 4)   - Mind Wipe         - Selective Editing         - Memory Edit (Total...