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Wu Sang-Wa

Bug 100
  • Player: Maeve K
  • Traveller
  • Ectomorph: Height Mod +15  

    Travis Reed

    Bug 100
    Career: Rogue (Pirate) 4 terms: Given a chance to backstab another rogue to improve his position, he gladly takes it.  Promoted to henchmen he is caught in a feud with a rival criminal organisation. He keeps his head down and made it out with augmentation technology that he used to apply subdermal armour. Rising to corporal he learnt from a...

    José Vallega

    A gifted medical doctor and biologist , José and his colleague Ariana Velis  received  a lot o attention and praise for their groundbreaking research into the effects of extreme environments on xenovirii. Arian was transferred to  Hertis sector to assist in valuable research there. meanwhile José was under contract to Pardis' Industries Executive council  and spent several years researching unsual...

    Jaskal Meerhafen

    This is a first test/template character for T:CS

    Chthonian Stars: Template

    Bug 100
    This is a first test/template character for T:CS

    Archibald William Vayne

    Ghost with gun
    In a time of great strife and conflict, Archibald William Vayne makes a living doing what he does best: killing from afar. In the unfortunate circumstance that one should find him or herself on the receiving end of such a finely placed gauss cartridge, please send regards to whatever higher power that is found in worlds beyond.