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InfnroCon 2

Event has finished. A big thanks to the GMs and the 11 players!

InfrnoCon 2 is a virtual gaming convention, delivered through your web browser. All you need is a headset, a good internet connection, and your best pajamas, along with a burning need to kill zombies.

Don't miss InfrnoCon 2, a gaming convention you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home!

    Slot 1: Sat, Jun 18, 05:00PM UTC - 09:00PM UTC


Remnants of the Reich

Nazi super science
Berlin, 1950: World War 2 has been over for five years......but another war carries on in the shadows. As the Cold War rages in the full glare of the world media, the Underground War is fought in ruined bunkers, dank tunnels, building sites, and bombed out apartment blocks. In the divided city of Berlin, the Reserve Police Agency hunts down monsters left over from sinister experiments and twisted technology. Things from beyond our space and time, strange creatures altered by bizarre machines, the decayed corpses of undead soldiers, things that hide in the darkness. But the Reserve Police Agency itself...


Bug 290
A mining colony has found something it cannot explain and your team was sent to investigate. When saboteurs strike first, you need to find a way to survive long enough to send a signal and for help to arrive.    Come experience The Void.

The Peril At Gorian Vale

Product 63440
High up in the Khalid Mountains, along the shore of Lake Menirtha, lies the village of Gorian Vale, an unassuming community of shepherds & their families. Recently, a rash of disappearances of livestock had been rationalized as an influx of natural predation, but the disappearance of an entire family is another matter altogether. With grave concern that a greater evil has befallen Gorian Vale & no means by which to deal with this threat on their own, the Town Fathers seek to hire professionals to investigate this mystery!

CthulhuTech: You Are What You Eat

Junk food
  The fuel you put into your body is critical, something the Chrysalis Corporation knows well. While most are happy to eat their processed and pre-packaged foods without asking any questions, it has come to the attention of the Eldritch Society that maybe they should. What madness is the Cult up in to in a northern food processing facility?  

    Slot 2: Sat, Jun 18, 10:00PM UTC - 02:00AM UTC


Tired of Life?: A 3:16 Primer

3:16 is a role-playing game set in the far future. It is a Science Fiction setting where everyone plays members of the elite 3:16th Expeditionary Force. This military force left Terra over 10,000 strong many years ago with an explicit mission. Their whole mission was to fight, and defeat, everything in the Universe that they could find. Alien civilizations, intelligences and life of any kind were to be wiped out to protect the future safety of the people home on Terra. Threats were to be neutralized at their source. Terra is a prosperous place. No one works any more and...

The Invasion of the Undead Scuba-Diving Zombies at Bikini Beach

Late show2
It Came From The Late, Late, Late Show is a roleplaying game about playing actors in B-movies. It's schlocky, you get to call for make-up or your stunt double, and possibly even throw a celebrity-sized tantrum. :) It's good clean fun for the whole family.