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I am tapped out with running games, atm, but I would love to be a player in a Zombie Survival game. I'm interested in a game that treats the situation more like the Walking Dead, than say Night of the Living Dead. I'm interested in exploring the breakdown of society, inter-personal relationships, and the hunt for items to stay alive with. The zombies should be set pieces, and plot devices, more than the main focus.


I'm in no hurry, but if anyone feels like running something along these lines, let me know for sure!

Tolly I have been hoping to run a one shot of some sort of zombie game atm. So far the only book I own is rotted capes which intrigues me greatly.

I've never played a one-shot game before (as such I am quite interested). If this evolves into anything, be sure to let me know.

I'm hoping for more of a campaign thing, as it'll be hard to really explore the aspects of the zombie fiction I am after in a 4 hour block, but I'd definitely give a one shot a go. Plus, I've never played in a game you've ran Kevin, so that would be cool. Let me know when you plan on it. I would definitely like to join a full campaign that explores the things I mentioned before though.


The rotted capes one shot would allow me to practice the system before committing to a campaign which i would like to do at some point. However it is a setting that has you taking the role of a b list super hero in the z apocalypse. The game can run from campy to gritty and apocolyptical depending on the players. Although Im not sure if your tired of supers tolly.

I present to you The Walking Undead . I recently wrapped up a three part storyline with this game. I found using characters templates  that represent horny young adult monsters really helps simulate the group dynamics and desperation of a zombie apocalypse. The mistrust, the selfishness, the short term thinking, it is all there. What do you all think? 


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