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Hey there folks, I've just joined this site and am looking to get some AW going. I'd prefer to be a player in an experienced MC's game but I can run it if need be. Not sure how to set up a game on this site yet as all of my online gaming experience has been on roll20.net so this post is just to gauge general interest. Let me know!

Hello, Jon and welcome. I would be very interested in playing, and you running would be the best way to get to know the community. Even if our availibility to play doesn't match up it's good to know someone here enjoys a good game of AW. In addition, I am sure there are others that share my interest in at least a one shot.

I'd be up for playing as well.

Alright cool. I see that AW has some support on these forums. A few more players and I think we'd have a group, and i think i know a few cats who would be interested. Anyone opposed to Roll20?

Welcome! And I am sure you'll be able to find some players interested. I am among them but I highly doubt scheduling will allow for me. Still, I hope this goes well and maybe we can do some AW at some point in the future.

Roll 20 is a solid choice.

Alright. So to get this thing off the ground lets talk scheduling. How are Wednesday evenings at 8pm eastern time?

Taken, in my case. Might I suggest the following tool for finding a timeslot that works for eveyone? http://doodle.com/polling-tool


I'll try to figure this doodle site out, although I must admit I'm a complete Luddite haha. I'm available Wednesday evenings regularly and Tuesday evenings probably every other week. Saturdays I have some time early in the day, like around 1 or 2 to maybe 5 or 6. If there's another time slot outside these that everyone could do, let me know and I'll see if I can flex my schedule. I'm juggling 3 bands and my local gaming group right now so it's not easy, but I'm an old hat at the rearranging schedule game : )

Saturday 1 to 2 PST is my best best as every Wednesday is taken as is every other Tuesday, though in that case, playing every other week is an option. Anyhow, thank you again for considering running.

Depending on the staggering, I could do every other Tuesday (I think. I'll double check that my Tuesday game is biweekly.). Wednesday is good if we're done by 9:30 Eastern/6:30 Pacific. Saturday is no good for me though, since I am, in what is very nearly an ironic turn of events, running Apocalypse world around the time Mike mentioned.

I can do every other Tuesday work if you guys' games are compatible.

Ok, I was going to be Tuesday but one of my games needs to shift so my Tuesdays are taken, unfortunately. My schedule-fu is weak.

How are THursday nights?

Hm, you know, every other Thursday night MIGHT be doable...

Same as Dani, my Thursday are wide open.

Works for me.

If the game isn't full, i'd be interested too.

I am not available next Thursday but am available the 29th and every other Thursday after that, if that is something that could work for you, John, and the others who have expressed interest?

Sorry for going dark there. I do still want to start this game, but it's looking like my Thursday commitments are not movable. Next attempt: Sunday evenings, eastern time?

Sadly that will not work for me. :( 

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