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Hi I'm new. I joined this site looking to play monsterhearts for the first time. I've done other rp before like larping and d and d. Looking for a game. Preferablely monsterhearts or urban shadows but I'm game for anything interesting and dramatic.

Hopefully, someone will do a Monsterhearts game for the Romance event, as it fits perfectly. There are some people who definitely play that here, so I'll try and send some your way!


Also, welcome to Infrno!


Thanks! I was able to play a Monsterhearts one shot and had a lot of fun! But I definitely want to play more. So I would appreciate any opportunities to play that you send my way. I will keep an eye on the romance special event to see if anyone posts any games. :)

Welcome aboard, Jade.

I am actually considering running a Valentine's Day Monterhearts one-shot for the event, but that depends on my study workload this week.

Should I run something it will most likely be on Sunday ^^

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