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Eager Player, very available, ( almost 24/7 ), I am seeking a online Pathfinder game (Redundant right?) or a homebrew, I have played several Pathfinder games, even GM'd a couple, but I am also profiecent in DnD 3.5 and white wolf, but I am a fast learner if required. I love to play and Love the game. 

Hey Ariana. If you're open to trying new systems, what genres are you interested in? A lot of what gets played around here isn't the usual DnD/Pathfinder sort of thing, but so it'd be good to know what kind of stories you like. Anyway, welcome to Infnro!

Mostly anything, theres really nothing I wont try, Im realtively new to tabletops, but have played often in the time ive played, but that was mainly pathfinder and a few homebrews, but yeah ill try anything, ive looked at call of cthulu and a few others, but i mean if someone can give me the jist of how to play a system theres not much ill say no to, atm im making a homebrew system of my own for a Borderlands campaign that id love to play in if someone would GM it or GM it if enough people would be interested, and thanks for the warm welcome, it is much appreciated!


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