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Hi, all! I'm new here on Infrno and looking to join a game of Monsterhearts! I've never played before, but I'm fairly familiar through reading the rulebook and listening to actual plays. General RP experience-wise, I play in a weekly Pathfinder campaign and have played more improv-oriented games like Fiasco and Maid RPG in the past.

A one-shot Monsterhearts game might be ideal to try the system out, but I'm open to campaign play as well. My preference would be to play on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening, EST.

Hi, everyone! 


Running a game as a oneshot on Friday 22nd of May on Roll20 and Google Hangouts at 8pm WEST or GMT +! as it's also known. This translates to: 3pm EST


Check out this link: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/25531/monsterhearts-heartache-and-school-days and leave a comment in the topic and I will invite you to the campaign. 

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