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Hi! I am looking for players for a game of Apocalypse World (or any of its spinoffs, like Monster of the Weeks, etc) Please post in this thread if you are interested.

Move is pretty popular here, so finding players probably won't be hard.  I would be interested in Apoc World, Monster of the Week, MonsterHearts or Urban Shadows.

assuming our schedules can line up, obviously.

Sounds great!

I should mention that my game is supposed to be a text-based game, meaning that the converstaion (the game) will happen in steps.

I will start the game by introducing you to the world. Then I write "what will you do?" and then you write what you do. It's that simple.



time zones? forget about 'em!

The game will be text-based, and people will have time to think about what they do.

...don't worry about how we do it - I will take care of that. It'll work.


I would like to play Apocalypse World, but if people don't feel like that, I am open to other Move systems. 

But you should know that I will keep an AW game civil - if someone won't play it because of harshness, the game will be moderated to avoid it.


Do not make your decision to play on the fact that this is text-based - it is a new experience, and it gives a depth to the game that isn't possible for voice chat.


Reply here if you're have any interest - even if it's not much. Let me show you what it's going to be like, and then you can decide whether or not to play.


So - reply, please :)


Seems that I will have to sweeten the pie: How about a mix of Skype/voice chat and text-based games when time zones disalllows a talkie session.


Whaddya say?


I'd potentially be in! I like the idea of mixing it up a bit, though I've grown to prefer Skype/voice chat. :) Would also prefer Apocalypse World or Urban Shadows or MotW. My schedule is crazy but if I can make it work...

I'd like to give this a try. The option to use text should ease the inevitable scheduling problems. 

Please check your inbox, Christine - promise you, no zombies or vampires :)


So we're 3 peolpe now - I can make something interesting for you, but I would like one more player.


 This is your chance to play a deep game where we can really get into the characters' thoughts and minds. You can use as much or little time making your moves as you want to. Think of it as writing a collaborative story where you're the protagonists :)


Quick update:

Right now, we're using Skype to communicate what happens in the game, and it works.  Yes, so far it's only text, but if we get this game off the ground, we will defintely do some voice chats.

Text is brilliant for introducing characters, both PCs and NPCs. When people get more time to respod, they get a lot more inventive.


Give it a go - you can always stop if it's not your bag.



Still looking for someone? What'd you end up going with?

This on older post, Solarist, but if you wish, you could contact me via the on-site mail and where I could invite you to a online group based around this.

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