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I have always been fascinated with GM's whos campaigns end up building a sprawling living world around the players. It is something I've always had wanted to be a part of myself. For awhile now I had the ideal to run a supes campaign where the players aren't thrust into the middle of a super powered world, but are there at the start of the worlds foray into super powered beings. I imagine the pcs struggling to copee with their new abilities. Trying to juggle young living with these new found abilities. As they grow, so do their powers. Perhaps some will decide to don the cape. Everytime I think about villains, I remember that line used in Batman. The evil in the city grows to respond with the presence of cowled heroes.

Now, I have not decided on a system yet. I wish to use Mutants and Masterminds for purely selfish reasons( I have  the books and would like to put them to use), but I am also open to other systems that can simulate a Supers game. I want the game to begin in Mid September. 

sounds like a very cool idea let me know which system you wanna use i would be very interested in the game

Hi Sounds intersting to me also. Mutants and Masterminds sounds good to me, I ahve the DC heros book it is based on that system and I also have Hero Labs also to create the character for the game as long as you use version 3. Let me know if you do decide to run.

Don't know if you've already run it or lost interest or put it on the back burner, but I'm interested. (It's only seven months later!)



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