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Hello Infernals! Hope life is treating you good and that NASTY Villians are not ruining your lovely stay here!


Premise (Based on the MSHRP Module 'After Midnight' Trilogy):


War. War never changes.

~On the channel 10 Local News~

Anchorman David Palmer ques in looking somewhat in disdain at the TV as the topic comes up - Gang Wars.

"Even as Villians do their dasterdly deeds and rob banks, the minions, the gangs, even the low-lifes in town get reckless, and all it takes is a little 'push' in the wrong direction to start a war.

That push started when the National History and Preservation Museum (NHP) was 'broken' into two days ago. By broken into, we mean that only one item was stolen, a book called 'A Mad Man's Mutterings' , and did not trigger any alarms apart from the container sealing the one hundred and ninety-nine year-old book from the outside world. Even the video camera did not catch the perpertrator. 

The only clue we have, and what has now started the gang war according to police officials who we will be meeting up with live here shortly, is a old 20's bowler cap that contained a letter in the brim of the hat, stating 'The Hammerheads are going to begin nailing down the city! All Gangs, watch out!'.

It is said that the book 'A Mad Man's Mutterings' was used by a witch during the time of the Salem Witch Trials to summon evil spirits and monsters to do their bidding. And with the recent 'monster attacks' appearing around town, some citizens are starting to question if the two are connected.

When questioned by our reporters about there being monsters in our town, the mayor had this to say:


Now, for the police comissioner Gordan."

The TV pans over to a reporter, Amy Hearthy, who hold a microphone next to the Comissioner.

"Comissioner Gordan, what do you have to say about the recent uprising in Gang-Activity and the burgulary at the NHP? Do the monsters really exist?"

"Well Ms. Hearthy, as far as the monsters are concerned, we believe that they are a symptom of a drug that hit the streets, not magical mumbo-jumbo from a book stolen at a museum. The drug, Kick, is a glowing neon green substance that when absorbed by the body, typically through needle injection, grants random mutant superpowers. And our current investigation into the 'monsters' has proven no more than Kick-Junkies going out for a night. Though with some of the evidence we have gathered, it looks like these 'attacks' are keyed to hitting up certain gangs, which is more than likely the reason the gangs have begun this 'war', which the Police and I have been diligently working on to quell ever since word hit the street. I assure you, everyone will be safe as long as they do not attempt to get involved. On a last note, Kick is a highly addictive substance that eventually shuts down your organs and is becoming more and more common among the streets everyday, so if you see any suspicious behavior, please report it to your local authorities."

"Thanks Comissioner! Back to you David!"

"Thanks again Amy. Now, in responce to the priceless book missing from the NHP, the caretaker from the museum, Maximillion Pride, has sent a request out to any and all superheroes to assist in its recovery ever since the police have closed the case. None have responded to the call yet, and he assures there is a reward for finding the priceless artifact. If any hero wants to assist in its recovery, Mr. Pride asks you to meet him at the NHP, 6 P.M. this upcoming Thursday. 

In other news, a recent prision breakout from a vigilante known to many as . . . ."



So! This is based off of a Trilogy of Classic Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game, but I've added so many twists and turns it doesn't look the same anymore.


On top of this, this game does NOT have to be run in any particular system. I'm open for any game system. ANY. GAME. SYSTEM.


My personal favorites are

-Marvel Superhero RPG

-Mutants and Masterminds 3e

-Marvel Heroic

-Smalllville (Cortex Drama)

-Heroes Unlimited (Palladium)


These arn't the only ones we'll play, I REALLY emphasize this.

Technically, we could try a session with each system the group is interested in to see which one we like the best! The world is our Play-Thing! 




So, when you decide to post in this topic, this is ASSUMING you can make the time that will be debated by all that do end up in the game/ are interested. We will discuss a time after we discuss the game on a conceptual level.


 On a seperate note, this is a CONCEPT suggestion. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post if you are interested, what you would like to see, what you don't like, what you refuse to have in this, and if you could enjoy this. What system do you wanna try out?


 This can even be Forum based, as I have been apart of a 5-year sucessful RP game with the same module of this game.


What Universe do you want this set in? Marvel? DC? Custom? All of them? A Blend of them? SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY?!


This game will be HEAVILY RP-based. There will be combat, like in any superhero comic book, but if you look at comic books, a LOT of the comic is talking, interaction, not just fighting. I plan to live by that as well.


My Rule for GMing is 'By the Player, For the Player.' What do you think this means?  What do you WANT out of this game? I don't know what type of game you'll enjoy the most if you don't tell me. Do you like it slow but through, fast and dungeon-crawlie, comic-book like, focused on the real life portion of everyone, Monster of the week style.... TELL ME!


And the most important thing of all, have fun :)


Reaper Out.

Keep me informed.  I like superheroes, it would depend on timeslot, game system, and type of game.  My preference would be: online (infrno/roll20) and Smallville.  I would also consider Marvel Heroic and (ack) Marvel Superhero RPG. I prefer Marvel, but to be honest I have only read @15-20 issues of comic books, most of my superhero knowledge comes from the oooold cartoons and movies and how fast I can looks stuff up on wikis.

And again, this is all assuming that you CAN make the timeslot.


As far as how the game is to be run on the technical side, I'm PRETTY sure that most people will opt for live chat in some form (Roll20 or Infrno is to be dertmined by the group.)


System wise, I've been wanting to give Smallville a roll for some time, but I am pretty greenhorn to it and only seen a few sessions of it and played it once. But I LOOOOOVE Cortex, easily my most favorite system.


As far as Marvel, I've read hardly ANY comic Books, seen lots of cartoons, heard lots from my marvel friends (Tollly Gipson being one of the best!) and have read over some wiki's myself. So, don't expect a 100% accurate Marvel Themed world. Or DC for that matter. I always throw my interpertation of pre-made settings. Why? Because I don't feel it right to use other people's unique work all for myself. I'll throw some spins on it to make it mine with some similarities.


If picking the 'universe' is going to be a topic of debate in this, then we could even do a world-building session.


Thanks for some input Steve!

I'm interested in a Smallville based game as well (not the setting, but the Cortex Drama system). The idea of a game focused on the interpersonal drama between super powered individuals is appealing to me.


Though I'm a huge DC fan (from the old days...I'm no where near current), I'd actually prefer an independent supers universe, one created by the GM/players.

As far as DC, or evven Marvel, I only know  the older stuff for the most part. New 52? No idea. Female Thor? Don't even wanna know, lol. So if we DO a game in one of the pre-defined settings (Heck, even Champions Universe I'd be okay with) expect it a bit mroe old-school with my modern twists and some collaboration amongst the group to make it something we ALL can enjoy.


I love the drama too. To me, anytime I run a game, I want people to BE their characters. That's the point of Role-Playing, right?


I try my best to get you immersed into the world by allowing you to do ANYTHING you want. I'm not talking about a sandbox game. I'm talking about that if Batman left the group to do 'his' thing, then I'd roll with it. He's going to crack down on some thugs that have NOTHING to do with the main plot, EVEN BETTER! You feel like the situation is hopeles sand actually start crying, I would LOVE for you to actualy cry (Or at least sound like it). 


Then you mix THAT  (Your own individual character feeling alive and that they can do whatever they would to do without restrictions) with interaction with other people just like that... it's almost like real life! Real people meeting each other. They may not like each other. One might realize that they NEED thte person they hate to help them out, and all that that will bring.


This isn't going to be a mash-up of people for a common goal. This is people who want to do this, for whatever reason, and they all happen to be at the same place and same time. I'm not expecting people to work together right off the bat. Some people might me 'Oh, HECK YEA! People to help me out!' while others may think 'They'll only get in my way'. 


The Player's job is to play their character. It's MY job, the GM's, to make the world engaging for your character and whatever they do as well as, in the end, unite you all with several ties to each other. Do you like those ties? Probably not, but hey, you ar eall together weather you like it or not.


Cortex Drama is a great system for character interaction, but I also always like it when a group of players can do that without game mechanics aiding them in this immersion. It's a thing of beauty when we are all such awesome role-players and just play characters who interact with each other just to interact, not because mechanics stated so or aided in that interaction.


Thanks for posting Dan!

You're welcome Taylor.  I too love it when the players are immersed in their character. Heck, some of my best sessions as a GM consisted of my players spending 4 hours in in character dialogue and dice never being rolled at all.


That being said, I think that the system for an RPG really sets the tone/style for the game.  Cortex Drama is great for a dramatic game, but not great for an action oriented one. In my opinion, the choice of the system says almost as much as the style of the GM running it. Sure, a great GM can make any system engaging and fun, but a great GM with a system that fits the style of play is perfection.

I never though of it that way. Whenever I run a game, regardless of the system I use (even a very basic system consisting only of 1d10) I have always had the same results with how my games feel. To me, a system is just a decision on how and when to roll dice. Some people like rolling LOTS of dice (Marvel Heroic? :P)  or just one big dice (MSHRPG) or d20 style (M&M). 


Whenever I run a game, if you do something that just doesn't 'follow the rules', I toss them out the window and roll with whatever you wanna do. We improvise. I actually end up house ruling a lot of things to make us roll less, roll things that we can't do normally, and to make things more fun by not rolling at all.


To me, a system doesn't matter. To everyone else, it might set that tone/feel that you're talking about, which is why I allow others to pick the system. But I'm just a universal GM I suppose?


Thanks for continuing the discussion Dan :) This has already exceeded the bigest topic I've had so far, and hope it keps going with some new faces!

I am quite the fan of Marvel Heroic. If th players decide to use that system, I wouldn't mind playing. I don't mean to sound negative on the other systems mentioned, it's just that I have only ever run Marvel Heroic I have not got to play it yet.

As far as a preference, I do prefer to make original characters. I don't mind if we encounter canon NPC's or even if other players are comfortable playing as canon, I just like to make my own character.

I would like to run a game down the line, but I am new to Infrno and want to learn the ropes before I jump in as a GM.

As far as Marvel Heroic, I love making big ol' dice pools for my cool actions, pulling some stunts, getting some resources, assets... Good times!

If we do end up with Marvel Heroic, it will seem that, mooe than likely, we'll end up with custom characters (MOST people like custom characters), which will mean custom character sheets. I'm not THE BEST at doing that (Tolly Gipson on the other hand, I think, secretly helped write the book and rules) but I'm sure between me and the players we could pull it off, or consult some experts.


I LOVE making custom characters. As I stated above, the original stuff is fabulous (In DC and Marvel Universe, like JLA and Avengers) and I have played some of their casts (very few enough to mention all of them . . . Spider-Man three times and Wolverine once), but if I ever do those kinds of characters, I just don't have as much FUN since I feel constrained by what the character has already done, and to top that off I feel like I need to know everything the character knows, and since I haven't read much of their material...


So, I love custom characters, but I'm open to people playing whomever they want. We're all here to have fun, right? And if you have fun playing Superman, we'll make it work out in our street-level game :P


Thanks for the interest Marker!

Hi I would be intersted also I like Mutants and Masterminds 3e system. Espeshily if it is a conuinuos Game. Sorry for my spelling mistakes.   It can be eathier Marvel or DC, I have a couple of diffrent ideas for characters did pending on what would most fit with what you have in mind.

Good question Dennis! 


I was originally thinking of letting the 'team' decide the theme, or talk about one via this forum, but I JUST came back from a vacation and listened to this song JUST as I was getting back into the headspace of Role-Playing.


A Theme I feel Appropriate!


The knowing of doom around the corner, but a somewhat up-beat, lively tone to it. Like a good hero story - Incredible odds to defeat, people get hurt, and heroes will, in the end, save the day!


Again, concerning the setting (DC or Marvel) and systems that the common people are interested in, that's up to you guys.  So far I got votes for -


DC - 2

Marvel - 2

Our Own Thing- 1


Mutants and Masterminds - 1

Marvel Heroic - 2

Marvel Superheroes RPG - 1

Smallville - 2

(These are NOT what we are doing nor are these set in stone, just a quick summary for those who don't like reading walls of text, and for myself! :D)


Thanks for Commenting Dennis.

I am so in! ^^


As for the setting, I'm fine with all three options, DC, Marvel, or our own thing.


Systemwise I would prefer Smallville - I like the way it puts emphasis on intercharacter relationships and their influences on the outcomes of conflicts.

Hi from that song I think that would implay a ware campain with the most common being warewolves, Maybe even Vampires. Done in a hero setting could be intersting. 

I'm not sure if this is still a thing or not, I have just recently joined Infrno. 

By whatever slim chance that this is still an idea people are kicking around, I would be very interested!

I'm flexible about whether we play in an original setting, or the Marvel or DC settings. I'm also okay with tweaks, (be they small or large), to either setting to make them fit the game better. It is fun sometimes to play in a different version of a published universe after all. Though I also like original settings as well. 

As far as systems go, I have to admit for a certain amount of admiration for the Marvel Heroic system. I am also very comfortable with M&M as well, though I haven't managed to play in a 3rd ed game, but boy have I made characters in it :P. 

As far as availability, I am ususally open on wednsday and thursdays. This might change, but not for a little while in the least. As far as weekends go, I am decently free Saturday nights. Probably not the best idea for everyone as that availability can be rather late in the evening. I am currently as of typing this, mostly free in the mornings, though I doubt anyone would have that kind of free time. 



I've just been waiting for any other posts, but I think almost 2 monthes is long enough!


I think we'll do an Original Marvel Setting,


Marvel Heroic System!


Fits with the story better and that means less work on my end as well :)


You're more than welcome to join Robert!


And, as far as availability, I'm going to have to say that I'm still unsure as to what my schedule is at the moment (Job Hunting!) but I'll post up a game here soon to see what people want to join, and go from there.


So, there is still no set time, but I'll do my upmost best-est-est to get a time here by the end of November! See you all(Old and New) then!

Awesome! Awesome on all accounts!

So, as far as original Marvel Setting, do you mean a Marvel setting that is mostly changed up to suit our/your ends? Or do you mean an original, original setting?Either way is awesome as far as I am concerned!

Hopefully we can all figure out a time that works for everyone. Looking forward to see where this is headed.  

Original - Not bound by the events that have happened in the REAL Marvel universe, but their characters/originizations will show up, and everything will be my/our interpetation. 

How menny hear have the books for the Marvel system? I don't so I would need help to setup a character. I think I played a game of this before but I was not that into it. But am willing to give it an other try. Also I tryed to find the book and I don't see it on PDF also the only book I seen is about $15.00 but will not get them for 3-4 weeks. The people who make it does not list it on there web site.

I have a good number of the PDFs myself, and depending on what Taylor wants to do, I can send them to you if need be. Also depending upon the overall feel of the game that Taylor wants to go for, we may be making characters or just picking Datafiles from the books. Marvel pulled the license some time ago, so the game is no longer officially supported. However, there are blogs and things still dedicated to Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. That is the main reason why you don't see PDFs anywhere.

I will be handing out books to those who will be playing, so do not fret!


I want the 'feel' of the game to be you RPing what your character would do, so it's the characters you play that define the 'feel'. 


Original/Custom character or Cannon characters from Marvel will be accepted, even the ones that arn't in the book. I can easily whip up some characters on request, or have a certain someone (Tolly!) help me out since I'm still pretty newb to the system.

Ok I would like to play someone who has a few powers naturaly and uses his inventions to augment them and add new ones.

If there still time or spots i liked to play MHR or whatever i like learning new systems 

For all I know, you guys have formed, run a campaign, and ended...

But if not, I'm interested. I'm still a newbie to playing MHR, but have the rules. (I had fun the one time I did play.) I'd prefer a custom setting, but an original Marvel works for me.



I actually have no idea if anything got off the ground or not. Either way I am still very interested myself!

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