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created at: 01/03/2015

It's Halloween in Pennsylvania. You are senior students of Ashland High a small mining town off of Highway 54 that is struggling due to decline of the coal industry. Joshua Carrows, the town's all-star football player, is known to enjoy a good creepy scare. Sleep-overs in haunted houses, tours of closed mines, these things give the big guy a thrill and now he has invited you to do a camp out up in Centrailia, Pennsylvania, aka The Town that Was.

Fifty years ago, the mine underneath the town caught fire and it still burns to this day. The town has been vacated except for the most devoted citzens who await the day the State of Pennsylvania will evict them and tear it all down. Coal smoke and steam bathe the landscape and, at night, cracks in the earth glow a deep and erie red. Abandoned houses and derelict streets, illuminated by hellfire, it sounds like the perfect place for a handful of kids to get wasted, and scare themselves into having a good time. Welcome to Centrailia...

Looking for interested parties for Monsterhearts game set in one of the world's most famous ghost towns. I have flexible schedule and we can set up a date on Doodle, but I need people to step and volunteer if this game sounds like something you want to play. Since your playing teenagers not wise enough to avoid a town that is literally a giant fiery sinkhole I prefer to avoid characters that won't plays it safe or players that don't take risks. This is horror game afterall. Trigger Warning: Horror heavy elements, with violence, sexual content, and domestic abuse.

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