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I've been writing a Star Trek inspired roleplaying game called Star Cruise (working title). Class based sytem with task resolutiuon done through a simple 3D6 roll (adding an attribute and class modifier) I'm looking to combine Old School design with a mix of sci-fi and horror. Brave members of the Star Union explore hex-based star maps exploring new worlds, accepting missions and discovering the strange and disturbing Forbidden knowledge and technology waiting for them in the void.

I've got to the stage where I'm ready to run some play tests so I'm looking for some eager players who are willing to put the system through its paces and give valuable feedback. I'd be looking for 3-5 players who'd be able to play either Saturday/Sunday around 1pm/2pm CST.

Is anyone interested in exploring the final frontier of roleplaying?

I'd be interested, though I'd like to know more about the system.

Here is a link to a draft of the rules. Chapter numbers will be added once everything is finalised.


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