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A new reality show is testing wanna-be heroes, but you aren't a contestant...no, you've been hired to play a villain. Maybe you are a reformed villain who needs work on the outside, maybe you're an ex-hero who needs the money, maybe you're a hero who doesn't trust the villains they've hired, maybe you're the contestant who got booted and who the show says has now joined the villain team.

And this week they're doing a museum heist. It's a little weird because they gave you the blueprints of the museum they created for this, because the director and sound man are standing just over there, and because the friend of the Argent Alembic is dressed like a security guard right over there, but at least you know that (a) heroes are going to show up and (b) they've assured you that none of this mystic-looking stuff is real, though you have to behave like it is.

System to be determined. I'd prefer ICONS or Supers! Revised Edition (both easy to teach in a couple of minutes), but I can do M&M 3E/DCA or Marvel Heroic Roleplaying if that's what people would prefer.

I haven't indicated a time or date because I'm trying to gauge interest. I'm currently unemployed so I'm often flexible.

I'd be up for this. I'm not familiar with your prefered systems, but I'm ready to learn. My schedule is erratic, but usually availble 4:30pm EDT and after.

Glad to hear there's some interest! ICONS is heavily FATE-inspired, kind of a cross between FATE and TSR's FASERIP system, but at heart mechanically it's a value from 1-10 plus a D6 vs my value plus a D6. Supers! Is a dice pool system, but the interesting thing (to me) is that any power can be attack or defense if you describe it narratively. The before-revision first editions of both games are pay what you want on RPGNow.com. That won't tell you everything about the new versions of the games, but it'll provide flavour.

I would be up for this, I work retail so my scedual changes but i know it 2 weeks in advance so let me know when you plan on doing this and I can let you know if I can make it.


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