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I'm looking for players to playtest my Apocalypse World one-to-two shot titled: Fallout New Vegas: The House Always Win. Follow the link for further details on the game. The date is set for Jan. but I am looking to run it sometime between now, and early Oct.

Players who sign up are encouraged to

  • Have a working microphone and headset.
  • join the group in setting up a play date and time which we will try to reach by consensus via .
  • have mic courtesy skills such as muting while eating and minimizing of background noise which will be greatly appreciated
  • Be willing to write at least a paragraph feedback and/or suggestions for the game
  • Have Skype available and updated, but with readiness to use Google Chat if Skype gets buggy that day.
  • Be willing to play with some small level of player character antagonism, but willing to handle the PC conflict with maturity and good group communication.

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