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For some reason, the chat bar doesn't load up for me when I come to the site. I've had the same problem whether I was accessing the site from work with Internet Explorer or from home with Chrome, so it doesn't seem to be browser-specific. (And with Firefox I can't get the whole site to load at all.)

Oh, now it's back. Nevermind. :-P

Chat seems to have disappeared for me:/ I thought it might just come back if I waited but been gone for a few days now.

Chat has reappeared in Ie but still won't show in chrome :/

I cant get the chat to work at all DX

Alas, the chat lately is down more often than it is up. Some of us are looking into alternatives. In the meantime, there is a group of about 40 Infrno chatters on Skype, and a smaller, quieter one on Google Hangouts. If you PM me your skype or your google info I can add you to either group.

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