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As a fun extra, I have decided to add a little contest to go along with the Origins event. One of my favorite things about our community is the brilliant creativity, and what you all do with it. So, with that in mind, I have come up with the following:

The Origins 2015 Creative Start Contest!

Any player or GM that signs up to play in an Origins event game is qualified to enter the contest. From those who are qualified, the idea of the contest is to flex those creative muscles. So each person who wants to enter will give a summary of a hypothetical session they would put together that would include the following details.

1. It would be a first session of a campaign. (Any system, any genre)

2. The title of that first session would be, 'The Wheel Is Steel, The Tire Is Rubber, And You Are Glue.'

That's it, it's as simple as that. Be as creative as you can, and give a great description of the plot of the planned session. Simply send your entries to me as a 'message', through our message system. Sam & myself will review the entries and pick a winner by the evening of January 25th. The winner will recieve a code to unlock 'Talisman' on Steam. Talisman is a great table top game by Games Workshop, and this is a video game reproduction of the game. It's great! I have a copy myself.

So to be clear, to even enter the contest you have to either play or GM a game during the Origins event. So let's see what you have, Infrno! If it's good, you'll have a new game in your Steam inventory.

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