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Hey folks, just a quick reminder that we have a horror-centric event coming up this month. There are still plenty of spots available for gMs, and I will list some games already posted that still have seats open for players. I will also put the links up so you can visit the game page and see what the game is about.


'Marvel Zombies 1964: The Avengers', has two spots open



'Unknown Armies: A Few of My Favorite Things',  has 3 spots open



'Night's Black Agents: The Recruits', has 1 spot open



'I6 Ravenloft', has 2 spots open



'Trail of Cthulhu: The Yellow Death', has 1 spot open



'Hot War: London Calling', has 4 spots open:



'Dead of Night: Pumpkin Jack 2', has 4 spots open



'Carnival Knowledge', has 5 spots open



Come out and play some games with new people, try some new systems, and just have some fun! It's Halloween themed, but the friends you'll make will last beyond the holidays! Hope to see you all there!





Hi Tolly Gipson, I thought that people should know Ravenloft has 6 open slots, not two. -David

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