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What acheivmeents would you like to see? Here's the current rough list:

  • Doing a blog post, interview, or any kind of published content about Infrno on a 3rd party site
  • Feature request,
  • Playing 1st game on Infrno, "Player Cherry"
  • Running 1st game on Infrno, "GM Cherry"
  • 1st blog posts as a user, character, and game
  • Hanging in the chat room for 5/10/20/50 consecutive days, "Chat Rat"
  • Answering questions via chat, forum, comment
  • Admin buddy (Looking at you, Ilyse, how would that be defined?)


Something for benchmark hours logged on a game table.
And also something for participating in a d20pro game.

courtesy of Ivan Van Norman, via comment on my LinkedIn profile:

  • Thread Necromancer - Reposting on a thread that is over 6 months old. (or 10 threads or 20 or whatever)"

Definitely a acheivement at different levels for the hours spent running a game, playing a game, in a day, in a week (iron butt, etc)..

Total Party Kill (on purpose and on accident)

Longest running game?

Rip van Winkle, for longest 'on hold' game then to be played again.

What about making content available to players/GMs? Like if I created a whole scenario, with NPC writeups, etc and then made it available for free (or open source, etc). 

The more content that is available, ready to go (or with little prep-work), the more people will want to be here to play.

Just some thoughts before I head off for the motorcycle races!

You could do "system" based achivements.  Like for each different game system you play in [the major ones anyway].  Maybe one for starting a 'Hot" topic that stays [legitimately] active for over X number of days...


@Langston, I like it! With a little manual curation, this is quite feasible. It could even be a player journal, with number of sessions for each system played.


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